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Square 1 Bank Announces Credit Facility to Dizzion, Inc.

Mar 28, 2017

Square 1 Bank, a division of Pacific Western Bank, today announced that it has provided a $4.25 million credit facility to new client Dizzion. READ MORE

The VAR Guy: Seven Ways to Fight the Gender Gap Within Your Business,

Mar 10, 2017

The VAR Guy and Talkin’ Cloud reached out to several business leaders, including Dizzion's VP of Sales Margie Sims, to see what they’re doing to promote diversity, and for their take on being a female in the channel. READ MORE

Brian Madden: Dizzion Offers Up an Impressive Approach to Managed DaaS

Mar 06, 2017

"Today, providers like Dizzion are opening up Desktops-as-a-Service to new types of customers in a way that was previously unavailable. Managed DaaS offloads nearly all of the complexities of desktop virtualization while still giving you the benefits." READ MORE

Channel Partners: 3 Ways To Stay Competitive During The Digital Transition

Feb 16, 2017

While it may seem that the best way to remain competitive is to meet the needs of any and every customer, in truth, the most effective way to gain leverage in the channel is to home in on a single industry. READ MORE

Dizzion Announces EU Presence for Expanded Service Footprint

Feb 14, 2017

Dizzion is proud to announce the addition of a new end user computing POD in Amsterdam. This POD allows Dizzion to service customers throughout the EU. READ MORE

The VAR Guy: How the Digital Transformation is Impacting the Vendor-Partner Relationship

Feb 06, 2017

This year, organizations are going to continue to adopt cloud-based services as managing hybrid IT environments presents added complexity. READ MORE

Network World: 6 Things Software Vendors Need to Know about HIPAA Compliance

Feb 03, 2017

In order to ensure your business is protected and to maintain your brand reputation, it is vital to know the ins and outs of HIPAA compliance. READ MORE

Channel Partners: Key Advancements in Call Centers

Jan 26, 2017

Common issues faced by contact centers include: endpoint security concerns; managing a work-at-home staff or third-party contractors; scaling more quickly when bringing on new agents to accommodate rapid growth or seasonal demand spikes; and optimizing in-house IT resources. READ MORE

Channelnomic$: Vendor Predictions 2017 Part 1: Cloud

Dec 19, 2016

As many in the channel anticipated, the cloud was a disruptive force in 2016. Now there's no room for skepticism around this technology, and it's hard to debate that channel partners should be thinking about cloud technologies in 2017. READ MORE