Third-Party Contractors

Get immediate productivity from contract labor

With the rising reliance on third-party contractors for development, acquisition integration, service, support and customer care, organizations have been increasingly challenged with the issue of intellectual property security. Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktops provide third-party contractors with a reliable, highly secure end user computing experience accessible on any device, anywhere, anytime.


Ramp Contractors Rapidly & Securely

Quickly scaling up your business by ramping global, third party contractors requires reliable, secure systems and tools. Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktops make integrating third-party contractors easy from initial deployment and provisioning to ongoing support like updates and patching.

Easily ensure third-party contractor and business associate compliance by utilizing Dizzion’s compliant virtual desktop solutions. Independently verified for both PCI and HIPAA compliance, Dizzion makes if easy for your company to achieve and maintain compliance, even when you’re working with global partners and contractors. Multiple security layers and end user controls ensure your organization’s environment stays secure from outside threats and sensitive data is protected.


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Immediate Productivity

Get contractors productive today without waiting for a laptop, desktop, or VPN connection.

secure virtual desktops

Secure Sensitive Data & Intellectual Property

Over 100 user controls to regulate users’ ability to transfer data (i.e. copy/paste functionality, USB drives, etc.).

virtual desktops

Centralized, Simplified IT Management

Deploy and support third-party contractors by easily providing necessary applications and resources directly to their cloud delivered desktop.

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Save Money Through BYOD

Allow contractors to use their own endpoints to access cloud delivered desktops using the controls and security parameters you prescribe.

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High Performing, Consistent User Experience

Purpose built infrastructure delivers 99.99% availability on high availability configurations and support capability for VOIP softphone solutions and high definition video.

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Scale Quickly

Quickly provision or remove contractor desktops from your pool to meet the needs of your business.

Redwood Trust

“Previously, security-conscious companies such as financial institutions would build a separate network in a partner’s facility that was completely segregated from their network. We would ship desktops to the facility and fly people out to set them up. It was very secure. However, it was costly and labor intensive. With virtual desktop environments, we went from three to six months to set up a partner down to three to six weeks, all remote, and we can add a new user in a matter of days.”

– Thomas Richardson, CTO
Redwood Trust

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Our Services

cloud computing

Cloud Delivered Desktops

High performance end user computing from any device, anywhere, anytime with our fully-managed, virtual desktop solutions.

Security & User Controls

Security & User Controls

Multiple security layers and more than 100 user controls ensure sensitive data is secure and users access only what they need.

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Secure Endpoints

Access cloud delivered desktops simply and affordably without the traditional hassles of hardware maintenance and support.



High performance storage options enable file sharing, archival, and collaboration for a robust end user computing experience.

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Application Delivery

Quickly deliver single applications to groups of end users through centralized management and provisioning.



Audit-ready HIPAA and PCI compliant cloud delivered desktops can assist you in satisfying audit requirements and get compliant more quickly.

Infographic: BYOD Boom & Endpoint Risks

Learn how cloud delivered desktops address the security risk behind the surge in end users providing their own devices.

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A Game of Trust – Data Security & Third-Party Contractors

Thomas Richardson, CTO of Redwood Trust, illustrates the ways in which companies can deliver secure access to their global outsourcing partners.

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