A Tactical Guide to Seasonality & Scaling

September 6, 2018 11:00 AM MST – 11:45 AM MST

Many industries experience distinct seasonal trends that require significant scaling to meet increased demand. Whether you’re in retail, accounting, healthcare, mortgage lending or another industry impacted by seasonality, the challenges are largely the same:

  • Hiring enough personnel to meet demand
  • Providing new hires with the hardware, applications and training they need
  • Maintain data security and compliance with an expanded workforce
  • Track when demand will grow and ebb

Join a panel of cross-industry experts as they discuss how they address these challenges – what works, what doesn’t and how they’ve adapted.


  • Michael Brady – EVP & Chief Information Officer at LeaderOne
  • Devlin O’Neil – Manager, Contact Center Information Systems at an Internationally Recognized Retailer
  • Loren Kennedy – Vice President, Human Resources at World Travel Holdings
  • Chris Dobson – President at Mindseeker


  • Manny Ladis, VP of Business Development at Dizzion