Mark Jobson

VDI vs. DaaS: Know the Difference

Jun 10, 2015

Prospective customers often ask us if Dizzion provides VDI or DaaS, prompting a high-level explanation of the very real differences. ... READ MORE

VDI is Complex – Dizzion Solves the Equation

Jun 23, 2015

VDI is Rocket Science At Dizzion, especially after customer calls, we tend to look at each other and affirm, “VDI ... READ MORE

Desktop-as-a-Service: Cost Containment

Aug 05, 2015

In October of 2014, Strategy Analytics forecasted(1) that there would be an estimated 12 billion internet connected devices used worldwide ... READ MORE

zLink: Transforming How You Connect to Cloud Delivered Desktops

Jul 28, 2016

zLink is the first-ever endpoint device that provides a direct, secure and low-cost connection to Dizzion’s Cloud Desktop service. Join Dizzion CTO Robert Green and VP of Product and Strategy Brady Ranum for a 30 minute overview. READ MORE

Bringing the Power of Cloud Computing to Your User Desktops

Jul 28, 2016

Join TJ Karklins, CEO of Clearview International, Brady Ranum, VP of Product and Strategy at Dizzion, and Sean Teague, President of ManageWatch, for a 30 minute webinar on how virtual desktops can work to improve your business. READ MORE