[Webinar] 5 Best Practices for Healthcare IT Security and Compliance

March 7, 2018

Ivolta Dizzion webinarIn the world of healthcare, data privacy, security and compliance are essential, and downtime is not an option. Constant uptime and seamless failover protect patients, providers and healthcare enterprises from the risk of costly data breaches.

But how secure is the critical health data contained within electronic health records – especially when that data must be accessed by many users across multiple locations? Do your policies and processes ensure compliance from IT infrastructure all the way to the endpoint? What can you do to ensure security and compliance every step of the way?

Attend our webinar on March 22 at 2PM EST/1PM CST to learn how to ensure IT security and compliance within your business.


Presented by:

  • Jeff Szymanski – VP of Strategic Markets at Involta
  • Brad Martens – Solution Architect Manager at Involta
  • Brady Ranum – VP of Product and Strategy at Dizzion

Here’s what you’ll learn in this 45-minute webinar:

  • Five best practices for healthcare compliance and security
  • The benefits of leveraging secure virtual desktop environments
  • Key take-aways from the healthcare IT industry – and how they can be applied to other industries
  • How to keep your data compliant while remaining accessible with multiple users


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