HIPAA Compliant Virtual Desktops

HIPAA compliance requires any organization that collects, stores, transmits or accesses personal health information (PHI) to have a particular set of security measures in place from the data center down to the endpoint and access policies.

While many covered entities and business associates put HIPAA compliance measures in place at the data center level, many take less care to ensure compliance at the application, desktop and data collection point level. HIPAA compliant virtual desktops add an additional layer of data separation and security, making it easier for organizations to achieve and maintain compliance.

How do HIPAA Compliant Virtual Desktops Work?

HIPAA HITECH compliance includes specific rules around security, privacy and technical safeguards. Truly HIPAA compliant virtual desktops will help you meet the requirements of each of these rule subsets by implementing physical features and capabilities that map directly to HIPAA compliance requirements.

For a full understanding of what your desktop as service provider covers and which requirements remain you responsibility, request a HIPAA compliance responsibilities matrix when vetting new virtual desktop vendors. This should give you a clear understanding of how much responsibility your desktop vendor takes on and if their solution is highly compliant or only barely checking the box.

Benefits of HIPAA Compliant Virtual Desktops

  • More easily achieve and maintain HIPAA HITECH compliance
  • Less costly future audits
  • Better data security
  • Requires less in-house compliance expertise

Dizzion HIPAA Compliant Virtual Desktops

Dizzion’s virtual desktop solution has been independently audited and verified as HIPAA HITECH compliant since 2016. Our private cloud-based solution housed in HIPAA compliant data centers is evaluated and certified by cyber risk management advisors Coalfire.

Dizzion is happy to provide you with a responsibilities matrix that outlines exactly where responsibility for each element of HIPAA compliance lies. The matrix is an easy-to-read guide that clearly delineates whether Dizzion or your organization is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted or Informed (RACI) for each line item associated with the most updated version of HIPAA compliance standards. By taking on more HIPAA compliance responsibility than other VDI and DaaS providers, Dizzion makes it easier than ever for your organization to achieve and maintain compliance while providing necessary documentation (from a well-known risk management advisory organization) to also make audits faster, easier and more affordable.

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