Business Process Outsourcing

Service more customers and expand business reach with virtual desktops for BPOs

Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) can achieve faster time to market and scalable growth with Dizzion’s secure virtual desktops for Business Process Outsourcing. Virtual desktops for BPOs can be provisioned quickly regardless of location or device to accommodate customer growth, new agent training, compliance requirements and seasonal demand spikes.


Secure Desktops for Agents Anywhere

Dizzion’s cloud desktops can help drive agent productivity, lower capital expenditures and increase customer confidence in the security, compliance and availability of services. Scale new desktops in minutes or hours, not days, and rapidly turn over training centers to get new agents up to speed quickly without heavy reliance on IT support. This includes agents across geographies – regardless of whether they are working from a company office or remotely. Non-persistent desktop configurations combined with application streaming support customized user personas and legacy applications to ensure a pool of cloud desktops is readily available.

Dizzion also offers PCI and HIPAA compliant virtual desktops to help you meet client demand for top-notch compliance and security.

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BPO Use Cases for Virtual Desktops

See the top use cases for desktop as a service (DaaS) in BPO settings and read case studies of real business process outsourcers using virtual desktops.

Customer Testimonial

Connexion Point, a leading BPO in the contact center services for insurance carriers, has undergone a significant transformation. Previously operating multiple contact centers across the country, they now have a centralized headquarters in Sandy, Utah, with a remote workforce spread nationwide. Their agents, specializing in healthcare services, work from home offices. Overcoming the challenges of remote work, Connexion Point implemented Dizzion’s virtual desktop solution, providing a uniform desktop experience across all agents. With a central management interface, they efficiently handle security updates, upgrades, and application deployments. Their long-standing partnership with VMware, a world-leading provider of virtualized solutions, has been instrumental in their operations. VMware’s technology forms the core of Connexion Point’s service delivery, enabling seamless desktop experiences and virtual application streaming services for their customers. The combination of VMware’s technology and Connexion Point’s expertise has revolutionized their contact center operations, driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the industry.

Benefits of Virtual Desktops for BPO

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Service More Customers

Extend your reach by meeting the security, compliance and performance requirements your customers are demanding.

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Improved Agent Productivity

High performance cloud desktops provide a consistent, reliable user experience to boost agent productivity.

Personalized Experience

Personalized Experience

Customize application delivery, security and controls according to job role, group or campaign (i.e. shift supervisor, agent, etc.).

non-persistent desktop

Centralized IT Management

Focus IT on business process and customer satisfaction instead of device management and desktop support.

secure virtual desktops

Secure Customer Data & IP

Over 100 user controls to regulate users’ ability to transfer data (i.e. copy/paste functionality, USB drives, etc.).

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Save Money

Adopt work-at-home and BYOD programs to reduce the hardware, space and capital required to onboard agents.

Have Remote Agents?

Learn how virtual desktops specifically help BPOs provision, support and manage remote agents.

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Dizzion Services

cloud computing

Cloud Desktops

Let users access their desktops anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Dizzion Business Insights

Business Insights

Deep business insights and analytics for smart, data-driven decisions.


Compliant Desktops

Third party audited HIPAA and PCI compliant desktops for easier compliance.

cloud delivered desktops

Secure Endpoints

Simple, affordable, compliant, secure endpoint options for any use case.

Security & Controls

Security & Controls

100+ customizable security and control options based on use case.

virtual desktops

Application Streaming

Quickly deliver single apps to end users without an entire desktop.

Case Study

Dizzion Desktops Help Granada Redefine the BPO Industry

Granada relies on work-at-home agents to supply 24/7 coverage, but provisioning remote agents with the technology to keep them productive proved challenging.

Learn how Granada reduced agent set-up times from 6-7 hours down to just 15 minutes by switching to Dizzion virtual desktops.

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