VDI for Insurance

Maintain integrity and customer trust with secure virutal desktop solutions

Personally identifiable information (PII), such as Social Security Numbers and credit card information, can live anywhere on your corporate network — including users’ endpoint devices and files. Protect customer, patient and policy holder data with Dizzion’s secure endpoint solutions and virtual desktops for insurance.

virtual desktops for insurance

Securing Sensitive Customer Information

PII can be found across your corporate network – including users’ Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files and more. The ability to copy, view and manipulate this data rests with your users across the business as well as third-party contractors and remote employees. Dizzion’s cloud desktops and secure endpoint solutions give you additional control over these sensitive assets to protect against potential breaches and non-compliance.

Dizzion’s solution has been independently verified as meeting both PCI DSS and HIPAA HITECH compliance standards to help you achieve and maintain compliance and better manage the cost of future audits.

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Benefits of Virtual Desktops for Insurance

secure virtual desktops

Secure PII & Intellectual Property

Over 100 user controls to regulate users’ ability to transfer data (i.e. copy/paste functionality, USB drives, etc.).

BPO solutions

User Experience Personalization

Customize application delivery, security and controls according to job role, group or campaign (i.e. manager, agent, contractor, etc.).

non-persistent desktop

Save Time with Centralized Management

Focus IT resources on core competencies and away from endpoint device management and desktop support.

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Data Residency Management

Peace of mind that PII will sit behind enterprise-grade firewalls with anti-virus protection and physically located in a compliant data center.


Maintain Compliance

Achieve and maintain HIPAA HITECH or PCI DSS compliance to meet the needs of your clients.

Technical Paper: Buy vs. Build – A Comparison of Virtual Desktop Options

This paper outlines the considerations when deciding whether or not to build an in-house VDI solution.

virtual desktops

Dizzion services

cloud computing

Cloud Desktops

Secure end user computing from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Security & Controls

Security & Controls

Layered security and more than 100 user controls to customize user experience and protect sensitive data.


Compliant Desktops

Audit-ready HIPAA and PCI compliant cloud desktops can assist you in satisfying audit requirements and get compliant more quickly.

cloud delivered desktops

Secure Endpoints

Simple, cost-effective means for accessing cloud desktops.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

High performance cloud storage options for robust end user computing and collaboration.

virtual desktops

Application Streaming

Fast delivery of applications to many users through centralized management and provisioning.


Ease Compliance Headaches

Businesses often struggle with meeting strict compliance requirements and protecting sensitive corporate and consumer data. One of the biggest challenges lies at the end of the data chain of control: End users and endpoint devices.

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