Managed Virtual Desktops

Dizzion’s fully managed desktop solution provides state of the art technology combined with white glove service.

Desktop virtualization is filled with options, starting with how to approach the project. Do you build in-house VDI or opt for a vendor? Which solution has the highest rate of success and what key considerations need to be taken into account? These resources will help you answer those critical questions and get a better understanding of the differences, challenges and benefits of DIY VDI, big box vendors and fully manged virtual desktops.

DaaS Provider Evaluation Checklist

Vendor Evaluation Checklist

Evaluate your needs and potential providers to easily compare solutions and find the right fit. LEARN MORE

Dizzion DaaS RFP Template

DaaS RFP Template

Take your research and information gathering to the next level with this virtual desktop RFP template. LEARN MORE

How Dizzion Compares

Solving Top VDI Complaints

See how Dizzion directly addresses top complaints about vendors like Amazon, Citrix & VMware. LEARN MORE

IT Vetting

Technical Questions to Ask

11 must-ask technical questions when assessing DaaS & VDI vendors. LEARN MORE

Virtual Desktop Planning

What Does a VDI Expert Do?

VDI experts are highly specialized, which is critical for a successful desktop virtualization initiative. LEARN MORE

4 Things DaaS Makes Easier for IT

4 Things DaaS Makes Easier for IT

Outsourced desktop as a service makes the life of in-house IT easier. Here’s how. LEARN MORE

IT Frustration

Obstacles to Implementation

Learn what can sink a virtual desktop project before it ever gets off the ground. LEARN MORE

VDI Expert

10 Common VDI Questions

These are the 10 most common questions VDI engineers hear … and their answers. LEARN MORE

Connected Workers

A Different DaaS Provider

Dizzion isn’t like other desktop virtualization service providers. Here’s what makes use different. LEARN MORE

DaaS Partnership

You Deserve More Than a Vendor

The most successful solutions come from providers that are your partner, not just a vendor. LEARN MORE

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See the Dizzion Difference

Start your journey to successful desktop virtualization. Request your custom Dizzion demo. LEARN MORE