PCI Compliance Resource Bundle

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These resources are designed to help you understand PCI compliance in regard to desktop virtualization and end user computing solutions, as well as highlight Dizzion’s PCI compliant virtualization services.

Your PCI Compliance Resources

Understanding PCI Compliant Desktops - thumbnail

Understanding PCI
Compliant Desktops

Some outsourced virtual desktop solutions that offer PCI compliance actually leave the majority of responsibilities on the client. Learn how to avoid “LITE” solutions. LEARN MORE

PCI Responsibilities Checklist - thumbnail

PCI Compliant Desktops
Responsibilities Checklist

Easily track which PCI DSS compliance responsibilities are the desktop service provider’s, which are shared and which are yours. LEARN MORE

IT Frustration

Ease Compliant Headaches

Businesses often struggle to meet compliance standards and protecting sensitive data. One of the biggest challenges is end users. Are you prepared? LEARN MORE

PCI DSS compliant solution

Dizzion: 2nd Consecutive
PCI DSS Compliance Validation

Dizzion maintains PCI DSS compliance through its second annual independent audit, proving its commitment to a PCI compliant virtual desktop solution. LEARN MORE

Dizzion PCI compliant virtual desktops

PCI Compliant Virtual
Desktops Datasheet

Learn exactly how Dizzion’s virtualization solutions help organizations directly address PCI DSS compliance requirements and the benefits to our customers. LEARN MORE

PCI compliant desktop solutions

Video: Dizzion Compliant
Virtual Desktops

See how Dizzion’s technology can help organizations that handle payment card data more easily achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance. LEARN MORE

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Request a Demo

Learn more about how Dizzion can help your company with PCI DSS compliance. Request a personalized demo! LEARN MORE