Dizzion Resource Library

Learn how to run Dizzion’s desktops and applications on any device at scale. Browse these resources to find more information on cloud delivered desktops, endpoint solutions and industry trends.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Delivered Desktops

Dizzion’s HIPAA compliant cloud delivered desktops provide high performance and user experience with enhanced technologies and controls to meet the HIPAA requirements. READ MORE

The Truth Behind 7 Common DaaS & VDI Myths

Don’t let rumors scare you away from desktop as a service (DaaS). See which common myths are true, which are false, and which are somewhere in between. READ MORE

Cloud Delivered Desktops for BPOs

Drive agent productivity, lower capital expenditures and increase customers’ confidence with Dizzion’s BPO solutions, including virtual desktops, remote agent enablement and compliance coverage. READ MORE

Dizzion Security & Controls Datasheet

Learn about Dizzion’s multi-layered approach to security and controls for superior data protection and end user computing. READ MORE

It’s Time to Revisit VDI

Virtual desktop and VDI technology has come a long way in the past decade. See what it can do and why it’s a good fit for modern business needs. READ MORE

Security + Compliance: One Isn’t Enough

Security alone won’t keep your company compliant, and compliance won’t keep your data secure. Learn how to address both for a stronger approach to protecting sensitive data. READ MORE

4 Considerations When Choosing a DaaS Provider

Choosing the right DaaS provider is critical to a successful virtual desktop initiative. When vetting providers, focus on these four key areas. READ MORE

Buy vs. Build: A Comparison of Virtual Desktop Options

This paper delivers the information needed when deciding whether to build a in-house VDI or to purchase a solution. READ MORE

Forecasting Seasonal Demand Bursts

Cross-industry experts from Dizzion’s webinar: A Tactical Guide to Seasonality & Scaling explain how they plan for and forecast seasonal demand bursts. READ MORE