Dizzion Resource Library

Learn how to run Dizzion’s desktops and applications on any device at scale. Browse these resources to find more information on cloud delivered desktops, endpoint solutions and industry trends.

Just In Time Recruitment, Hiring & Training

One HR expert from Dizzion’s webinar: A Tactical Guide to Seasonality & Scaling discusses best practices for hiring and increasing employee retention. READ MORE

Provisioning & Engaging Remote Workforces

Professionals from Dizzion’s webinar: A Tactical Guide to Seasonality and Scaling discuss strategies for provisioning remote agents and tackling security. READ MORE

Security and the Endpoint Device with Rob Green, CTO

Chief Technology Officer Rob Green shares his insight and perspective into how Dizzion’s solutions help companies secure endpoints. READ MORE

The Dizzion zLink: The Desktop of the Future

zLink is a single-purpose, direct-access endpoint device for Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktop service. Watch this animated video to see how it works. READ MORE

Startup Cribs: Why Place Matters at Dizzion

Dizzion CEO Steve Prather participated as a panelist at the Startup Cribs event on September 12, 2016 during Denver Startup Week. Watch the video about Dizzion’s Denver space here. READ MORE

The Guiding Principles of Dizzion with Steve Prather, CEO

President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Prather dives into the true economic business value of Dizzion’s endpoint solutions. READ MORE

Dizzion Virtual Application Streaming

Dizzion makes application management and delivery easy by virtualizing apps and delivering them to exactly the right use at exactly the right time. READ MORE

Compliant Cloud Delivered Desktops

Our processes, controls and underlying infrastructure meet compliance expectations, resulting in your sensitive data being protected as it passes through and is accessed via a Dizzion virtual desktop. READ MORE

Dizzion Virtual Desktops Ease M&A Integrations

Maintain productivity, easily move to a unified network and increase data security by using cloud delivered desktops following a merger or acquisition. READ MORE