Dizzion Resource Library

Learn how to run Dizzion’s desktops and applications on any device at scale. Browse these resources to find more information on cloud delivered desktops, endpoint solutions and industry trends.

The PCI Challenge: Securing Payment Card Data & End Users

Less than 30% of organizations maintained PCI compliance one year after reaching the standard. Learn how Dizzion’s PCI compliance makes achieving and maintaining PCI compliance easier and less costly.

HIPAA Compliance: The Importance of End User Security

The rising concern of the public and groundbreaking data breaches are reinforcing the need to pay close attention to HIPAA compliance – particularly when it comes to end users.

BYOD Boom & Endpoint Risks

Learn how virtual desktops address the security risk behind the surge in employees bringing their own devices to work.

2016 Cloud-Based VDI Growth

The cloud-based VDI market in in the US is forecasted to grow over 39% in the next 3 years.

Disasters and the Impact on Workplace Productivity

This infographic gives some eye opening statistics on how disasters effect impact workforce productivity and dives into disaster recovery’s role.

VDI: Buy vs. Build

Compare the benefits between building an in-house VDI solution versus hosted VDI services with this infographic.

Why Businesses Turn to Desktop as a Service

Security, globalization, ROI and total cost are just some of the reasons organizations turn to virtual desktops.

Global BPO Growth & The Need for Data Security

Securing customer data is a primary concern business process outsourcers. View the strengths and threats of the industry here.

4 Considerations When Choosing a DaaS Provider

Choosing the right DaaS provider is critical to a successful virtual desktop initiative. When vetting providers, focus on these four key areas. READ MORE