Dizzion Resource Library

Learn how to run Dizzion’s desktops and applications on any device at scale. Browse these resources to find more information on cloud delivered desktops, endpoint solutions and industry trends.

Compliant Cloud Delivered Desktops

Our processes, controls and underlying infrastructure meet compliance expectations, resulting in your sensitive data being protected as it passes through and is accessed via a Dizzion virtual desktop. READ MORE

Dizzion Virtual Desktops Ease M&A Integrations

Maintain productivity, easily move to a unified network and increase data security by using cloud delivered desktops following a merger or acquisition. READ MORE

Dizzion DaaS for Insurance

Dizzion’s DaaS solutions help insurance organizations meet modern demands, like protecting data and supporting remote workers. READ MORE

The Dizzion zLink

zLink is a single-purpose, direct-access endpoint device for Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktop service. READ MORE

Cloud Desktops for Contact Centers

Optimize agents and business value with Dizzion’s virtual desktops and business insights for contact centers and remote agents. READ MORE

Virtual Desktops for Healthcare

Keep data secure with detailed security and compliance controls while providing access to applications and data from any device, anywhere. READ MORE

Dizzion for Financial Services

Secure payment card information and sensitive customer data across endpoint devices, including with remote employees and third party contractors. READ MORE

Bringing the Power of Cloud Computing to Your User Desktops

Join TJ Karklins, CEO of Clearview International, Brady Ranum, VP of Product and Strategy at Dizzion, and Sean Teague, President of ManageWatch, for a 30 minute webinar on how virtual desktops can work to improve your business. READ MORE

A Game of Trust: Data Security and 3rd Party Contractors

Thomas Richardson, CTO of Redwood Trust, illustrates the ways in which companies can deliver secure access to their global outsourcing partners while providing them with fast, dependable connections to systems, applications and data. READ MORE