VDI Resource Library

Virtual Desktop Resources from Dizzion

Learn how to run Dizzion’s desktops and applications on any device at scale. Browse these resources to find more information on cloud delivered desktops, endpoint solutions and industry trends.

Technology Best Practices for Enabling Remote Workers

Best practices and key planning questions to help create a remote working program that promotes employee productivity and business gains. READ MORE

Bringing Transparency, Productivity & Insights to VDI

See how Dizzion’s Control Center & Business Insights brings transparency and insights to virtual desktops to increase productivity and data-based decisions. READ MORE

6 Companies Using Virtual Desktops

See how organizations across industries use virtual desktops to solve challenges like supporting remote workers and quickly integrating teams after an M&A. READ MORE

Dizzion Control Center

The Dizzion Control Center provides deeper business insights and VDI management from a single, integrated platform for increased productivity. READ MORE

Total Cost of Ownership for Desktops & VDI

The cost of a desktop is more than just the device price tag. Dig deep into total cost of ownership to make a strategic, cost-efficient business decision. READ MORE

Healthcare Mobility

See the current state of adoption, top concerns and key drivers behind the healthcare mobility movement.

PCI Compliant Desktops Responsibilities Checklist

Easily track which PCI DSS compliance responsibilities are the desktop service provider’s, which are shared and which are yours. READ MORE

Understanding PCI Compliant Desktops

Some outsourced virtual desktop solutions that offer PCI compliance actually leave the majority of responsibilities on the client. Learn how to avoid “LITE” solutions. READ MORE

Desktop as a Service RFP Template

Use this template as is or as inspiration to create your customized DaaS and VDI RFP or RFI to thoroughly vet potential service providers. READ MORE