App Virtualization & Streaming

Centralize application management through virtualization and streaming

Optimize user experience and performance by separating end user applications from the desktops. Application virtualization and layering allow for faster delivery of apps through centralized management and provisioning.

Application virtualization and management

Deliver Apps Faster

Dizzion’s application virtualization and streaming solve the traditional 1:1 app provisioning challenges. Streaming applications to users or groups via centralized management means faster, easier updates and enhanced licensing control without touching individual desktops. Golden image management, delivering legacy apps and providing multiple versions is simplified by separating the cloud desktop, application and operating system.

In addition to delivering applications to cloud desktops, applications can be streamed directly to the user’s device. Applications appear and perform like on a desktop but, because of server side execution, won’t bloat the desktop’s resources.

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Dizzion Technology Overview

Dive into how Dizzion’s purposed built solutions and infrastructure create a highly secure, high performance end user computing experience.

Application Virtualization Benefits

cloud computing

Simplified Management

Centralize the management of application settings, security changes and updates without touching individual desktops.

virtual desktops

Faster Application Streaming

Stream applications more quickly through a one-to-many approach versus one-to-one.

Improved User Experience

Improved User Experience

Choose specific apps based on persona to give each user only the apps they need.

managed endpoint solutions

Device Agnostic

Allow users to access applications regardless of traditional operating system or version compatibility issues.

Standalone Option

Standalone Option

If users only need a few apps, keep you environment lighter by delivering streamed apps without a full desktop.

Support Legacy Apps

Support Legacy Apps

Extend the life of business critical applications by streaming legacy apps as needed.


“As a company, I would say that Dizzion is an excellent partner. They’re nimble and respond quickly to Transcom requirements.”

– Jennifer Wells, VP of IT for North America

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