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Make data-driven business decisions based on desktop usage analytics and trends

Desktops are the portal to productivity and being able to harness the insights produced by desktop usage can help businesses make smarter decisions. From application usage to active versus idle time, Dizzion Business Insights lets companies peek under their own hoods.

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Be Smarter & Make Informed Decisions

Almost every employee at a company uses a desktop, that’s a deep source of analytics and data if you can access it. Dizzion Business Insights makes tracking and analyzing that information easy – without extra software.

See real data related to your users, applications, computing resources, up-time and more, all in one easy-to-navigate portal. Get a high-level view of environment health or drill deep into specific micro trends so you can make smart, data-backed business decisions.

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Dizzion Business Insights Features

Usage Monitoring

Utilization Metrics

Measure desktop usage to right-size resources, assess individual use cases and optimize productivity.

Active vs. Idle

Active vs. Idle

Make sure users are working when they’re supposed to be. Ideal for managing contractors and remote workers.

App usage monitoring

App Usage Tracking

Monitor application usage to ensure you’re not paying for unnecessary apps, licenses or seats.

Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

Monitor macro and micro trends to plan for seasonal spikes, fluctuating demand and staffing optimizations.

12 Months Archival Data

12 Months Archival Data

Dizzion Business Insights automatically stores trend data for 12 months so you can revisit it as needed.

Customizable Reports

Customizable Reports

Dizzion will work with you to create reports that easily surface the information that’s most important to you.

Dive Into Deep Analytics

Dizzion CTO Robert Green and VP of Product & Strategy Brady Ranum dive into Dizzion Business Insights to show off dashboards and discuss real use cases. Learn how Dizzion Business Insights has saved customers money and solved challenging issues.


Turning Desktops into Powerful Tools

Every employee at every level in an organization touches desktops. Learn how you can leverage that footprint to best help everyone from end users to executives.

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