Endpoint Security

zLink Secure Endpoints: Simple, secure ways to access cloud desktop

Gain greater control over user endpoints and provide a plug-and-play way to connect to Dizzion’s cloud desktops. Dizzion’s secure, managed endpoint solutions remove the burdens of endpoint security, support and maintenance.

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Secure the Endpoint

Dizzion’s managed, secure endpoint solutions extend your ability to control the endpoint and free IT from the hassles of desktop maintenance. zLink and zLink+ are small devices that simply need a network connection and associated peripherals (monitor, mouse, keyboard) to easily access our cloud desktops. zLink Connect is a 100% digital option that allows users to  connect to their cloud desktop via downloadable software compatible with Windows devices.

Users can install any zLink solution in under five minutes without IT support, making them productive more quickly. The time and costs associated with traditional PC provisioning, deployment, patching and maintenance can be avoided with zLink. It is the affordable way to relieve organizations of the burden of endpoint management and data security.

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The Dizzion zLink

zLink is a single-purpose, direct-access endpoint solution for Dizzion’s Cloud Desktop service.

As a robust, low-cost endpoint solution, zLink takes advantage of all the benefits of Dizzion’s Cloud Desktop service while dramatically reducing capital investment, management overhead and nearly all endpoint vulnerabilities.

zLink Secure Endpiont Benefits

secure virtual desktops

Endpoint Security

Enhanced controls and tools for end-to-end security reduce the possibility of a data breach.

non-persistent desktop

Increased IT Productivity

Pre-configured to get end users fully productive in less than five minutes without IT intervention.

secure endpoint

Minimal Capital Investment

A low-cost, OpEx option to provision remote workers or third-party contractors vs. traditional PCs.

managed endpoint solutions

Softphone Compatibility

Softphone telephony integration with zLink+ is perfect for remote workers and contact center agents.

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Fully Managed Service

Once deployed, service is fully managed by Dizzion, including patching, updates and ongoing support.

Call Center Optimization Group

“The zLink gives our clients a unique ability to implement a desktop solution without all of the upfront costs of buying PCs, software, firewalls and beyond.”

– Doug Deker, President and Chief Operations Officer
Call Center Optimization Group

Webinar: zLink: Transforming How You Connect to Cloud Delivered Desktops

 zLink is the first-ever endpoint device that provides a direct, secure and low-cost connection to Dizzion’s Cloud Desktop service. Join Dizzion CTO Robert Green and VP of Product and Strategy Brady Ranum for a 30 minute overview.

zLink Connect

zLink Connect is a downloadable application that converts a PC to a thin client or kiosk. Once installed, zLink Connect is invoked from the desktop and replaces the shell of the PC to disable access to the native operating system and applications. From there, users experience the same high-performance they are accustomed to with their cloud delivered desktop.

zLink Connect Technical Specs

  • Windows OS compatible, versions 7 and higher
  • No dual boot
  • No need for USB keys that will be removed by users
  • .Net framework application designed to run instead of the Explorer shell when launched
  • Support for second factor authentication
  • Capable of blocking Windows Secure Action Sequence (SAS) keys such as [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del] and [Windows]+[L] and seamlessly redirecting them to the virtual desktop

zLink & zLink+

Two desktop devices to satisfy a multitude of use cases — from simple and streamlined to robust and supportive.

Feature zLink zLink+
Hardened OS Yes (Android) Yes (Windows)
Softphone No Yes
Monitors 1 2
HDMI Ports 1 2
USB Ports 2 2
Network Wireless or Hard-wired Wireless or Hard-wired
Peripherals USB, Bluetooth USB, Bluetooth


Ease Compliance Headaches

Businesses often struggle with meeting strict compliance requirements and protecting sensitive corporate and consumer data. One of the biggest challenges lies at the end of the data chain of control: End users and endpoint devices.

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