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zLink: Secure endpoint solutions to fit every use case

Dizzion’s zLink solutions offer a range of simple, secure ways for end users to access virtual desktops and streaming applications. zLink makes secure remote working and extending the life of hardware a simple reality.

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Secure Endpoints for Any Use Case

Dizzion’s zLink endpoint security solutions make it simple to deliver a secure virtual desktop to any device. With solutions ranging from fully-managed thin clients to a secure bootable USB ideal for BYOD situations to a desktop conversion option that extends the life of outdated endpoints, Dizzion has an endpoint security solution for every use case.

Dizzion’s endpoint solutions are easy to provision. Users can install any zLink solution in under five minutes with little-to-no IT support, increasing time to productivity and allowing companies to get out of the business of supplying laptops and maintaining desktops. All of Dizzion’s zLink solutions are available with our PCI compliant and HIPAA compliant deployments.

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The Dizzion zLink

zLink is a single-purpose, direct-access endpoint solution for Dizzion’s Cloud Desktop service.

As a robust, low-cost endpoint solution, zLink takes advantage of all the benefits of Dizzion’s Cloud Desktop service while dramatically reducing capital investment, management overhead and nearly all endpoint vulnerabilities.

zLink Secure Endpoint Benefits

managed endpoint solutions

Longer Hardware Life

Extend the life of outdated hardware by converting it to a thin client to support modern operating systems.

secure virtual desktops

Reduced Breach Risk

Enhanced controls and tools for end-to-end security reduce the risk of a data breach and increase compliance.

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Increased Productivity

Easy to install, end users can be fully productive in less than five minutes without IT intervention.

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Fully Managed Service

Once deployed, service is fully managed by Dizzion, including patching, updates and ongoing support.

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Minimal Capital Investment

A low-cost, OpEx option to provision remote workers or third-party contractors vs. traditional PCs.

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“The zLink gives our clients a unique ability to implement a desktop solution without all of the upfront costs of buying PCs, software, firewalls and beyond.”

– Doug Deker, President and Chief Operations Officer
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zLink Use Cases

Reuse Old PCs

PCs and laptops are a big investment, but the move to Windows 10 is leaving some of them unusable. Don’t spend the money replacing them. Instead, increase their life by wiping the original OS with a Dizzion zLink conversion.

Secure 3rd Party Contractors

Third party contractors are helpful, but can cause a security risk. Minimize that risk and secure your corporate data by having contractors use the Dizzion zLink Connect with their personal devices.

Productive Remote Workers

Remote working is a growing trend, but getting them set up with corporate desktops can be challenging. Dizzion zLink & zLink+ are easy to install and have users productive in minutes without IT help.

Focus IT

IT teams spend a lot of their time managing hardware and provisioning desktops, all with little value return for the company. With any Dizzion zLink solution, IT can spend time on more impactful projects.

Adopt BYOD

Get out of the costly hardware business by letting employees use their own devices. zLink Connect allows you to maintain data security and application compatibility while devices are being used for business.


Ease Compliance Headaches

Businesses often struggle with meeting strict compliance requirements and protecting sensitive corporate and consumer data. One of the biggest challenges lies at the end of the data chain of control: End users and endpoint devices.

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