Desktop Security & Controls

Control data, users and endpoints with Dizzion’s secure virtual desktops

Cloud desktops offer control and security benefits at every layer of virtual desktop infrastructure. Dizzion’s virtual desktop solutions provide more than 100 security controls to secure mid-size to enterprise level organization’s desktops and data.

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Security at Every Layer

Securing and controlling how users access business data and applications via traditional PCs presents several challenges as corporate data and IP walk out the door each day. Integrating multiple vendors, mobile devices, multiple operating systems and remote employees significantly increases management complexity.

Dizzion’s virtual desktop infrastructure is designed to provide multiple layers of security and a high level of control over users, devices and access. Dizzion customizes the desktop configurations and end-user controls to fit each organization’s requirements and use cases by department or group. Secure, role-based access and more than 100 security controls provide the ability to restrict access to systems, applications and data by the type of user. These controls also prevent the capturing, storing and printing of confidential or personally identifiable information.

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Purpose-Built for Performance

Dizzion’s secure virtual desktop platform was designed to support the needs of large-scale virtual desktop deployments and provide high performance end user computing. Enterprise-grade hardware, proprietary storage tier, VDI-optimized compute resources and low latency network design deliver a reliable user experience with maximum uptime. Supported by robust physical and virtual security, Dizzion’s hyperconverged infrastructure enables your organization to easily and securely scale desktops without compromising user experience.

Secure Virtual Desktop Benefits

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Multi-Layer Security

Multiple tiers of enterprise-grade security controls spanning the endpoint, network, operating system, physical infrastructure and data center.

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Compliant Desktops

Leverage Dizzion’s PCI & HIPAA compliant cloud desktops and compliance expertise to stay on top of the evolving compliance and security landscape.

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Data Off the Endpoint

Eliminate users’ capability to store sensitive data on endpoint devices or leverage Dizzion’s zLink secure endpoint solutions.

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Seamless Integration

Secure integration with your existing networks, system and application infrastructure.

Role-Based Customization

Role-Based Customization

Security data through control attributes and role-based access and authorization.

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Meet Customer Requirements

Satisfy the increasingly stringent security requirements of your customers’ when handling their sensitive data.


“Dizzion is a fast, reliable, customizable, secure virtual desktop solution for our Home Agents.”

– Jennifer Wells, VP of IT for North America

Technical Paper: Dizzion Technology Overview

This paper discusses the advantages of virtual desktops in general and details Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktops more specifically.

Desktop Security & Control Features

End-Point Validation

Secure workstations and confirm that the endpoint used to access a Dizzion cloud desktop is compliant with your security policy.

Identity Management

Customers maintain control of which users are provided a desktop and which are not, ensuring control over who has access to corporate data and applications.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Ensures username and password integrity while also supporting compliance standards such as PCI and HIPAA.

Single Sign-On

Cloud desktops can integrate with an organization’s single sign-on solution, allowing faster access and productivity for end users.

Group Policy Objects (GPOs)

Support end user controls while also ensuring peak performance of cloud desktops.

Hardened OS

Dizzion cloud desktops offer hardened operating systems beyond out-of-the-box capabilities.

Enterprise Anti-Malware

Included standard with every deployment in an umbrella fashion to stop viruses from making it to individual desktops.

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