zFileshare and zFilestore high performance storage

Enable users to share and store files within their cloud delivered desktop experience while ensuring company documents and IP remain secure. Dizzion’s zFileshare and zFilestore provide high performance cloud storage options to support robust end user computing and collaboration.

virtual desktop storage

Rapid Storage Access

Company data and IP are some of your most important assets – ensure both availability and security with Dizzion’s zFileshare and zFilestore high-performance storage options. zFileshare and zFilestore enable file sharing and storage within the same environment as Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktops. Offered in both compliant and non-compliant environments, users can easily share, store, and collaborate while data is still kept off endpoint devices such as PCs or external hard drives.


hosted virtual desktop

Compliant Desktops

Leverage Dizzion’s compliant cloud delivered desktops and compliance expertise to stay on top of the evolving compliance and security landscape.

Data Security & Control

Data Security & Control

High-performance storage options reside in the same physical location as Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktops providing fast, easy access while protecting critical or compliance-regulated data (i.e. personal health information or credit card numbers).

virtual desktop storage

Rapid Access to Storage

Storage lives close to the desktop and on the same network resulting in fast, easy access to files.

persistent desktop

Disaster Recovery Protection

Dizzion desktops and data storage can be replicated to a secondary Dizzion POD for rapid, easy access should an event occur.

secure endpoint

Reduce Capital Expense

No need to invest in additional file server storage.

cloud computing

Support Collaboration

File stores enable multiple users to access and work together on the same documents.

TELUS International

“Dizzion is already adding tremendous productivity gains to our business. By enabling our agents to log in to their cloud-based accounts with all data secured in a centralized data center, we reduce long boot-up and log-in times as well as address any client security concerns with storing data on physical desktops.”

– Michael Ringman, CIO
Telus International

Technical Paper: Dizzion Technology Overview

This paper discusses the advantages of virtual desktops in general and details Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktops more specifically.


Ease Compliance Headaches

Businesses often struggle with meeting strict compliance requirements and protecting sensitive corporate and consumer data. One of the biggest challenges lies at the end of the data chain of control: End users and endpoint devices.

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