VDI for Contact Centers

Get agents up and running quickly with Dizzion’s secure call center solutions

Scale your contact center quickly and efficiently by deploying Dizzion’s cloud desktops versus traditional PC hardware or internal VDI deployments. Easily deploy voice technology with Dizzion’s single data stream – allowing organizations to remove the end point from the equation in a secure and compliant manner. With delivery options from over 300 global data centers, Dizzion ensures agents are receiving the performance they need to delight your customers.

Standardize & Secure Agents Anywhere

Whether your contact center agents are in-house, outsourced or work from home, Dizzion’s end user computing solutions allow you to quickly and easily deliver a secure, standardized desktop or application experience. Virtualization makes it easy to rely on agent BYOD or affordable thin client endpoints and allows you to easily scale with need. Dizzion adds an additional benefit with our deep Business Insights, allowing you to track productivity, efficiency and optimization opportunities at the agent and desktop level.

Dizzion is compatible with several cloud contact center solutions and robust enough to support HD video and softphone integrations. PCI and HIPAA compliant solutions are also available for contact center agents handling PCI or PHI.

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Remote Worker

The Dizzion Difference – Contact Centers

With Dizzion, implementing softphone integrations is seamless as we build inside the virtual data stream, unlike other providers who don’t take this approach. This single data stream allows organizations to remove the end point from the equation in a secure and compliant manner. With delivery options from over 300 global data centers and, in some instances, even customer premise, Dizzion can ensure agents are receiving the performance they need to delight your customers.

Benefits of inside the data stream include: 

  • No endpoint requirements  
  • No need to update, manage and troubleshoot endpoint voice software  
  • Singular stream to tune, secure, update and manage  
  • No additional endpoint software installations – true BYOD

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Contact Center VDI Benefits

secure virtual desktops

Secure Data

More than 100 user controls to regulate users’ ability to transfer data thereby protecting sensitive data, regulated information or IP.

cloud computing

Centralized Management

Focus IT resources on business process and customer satisfaction instead of endpoint device management and desktop support.

BPO solutions

Personalized Experience

Customize application delivery, security and controls according to job role, group or campaign (i.e. shift supervisor, agent, quality assurance, etc.).

secure endpoint

Minimize Capital Investment

Avoid costly hardware refresh cycles, infrastructure overbuying and capital intensive in-house VDI deployments while managing a more consistent, monthly operating cost.

managed endpoint solutions

Robust App Support

Seamless support for HD video, VOIP softphone integration and other necessary apps directly within the cloud desktop to keep agents productive.

non-persistent desktop

Increased Agent Productivity

Quicker provision timelines, faster login times and accurate troubleshooting mean agents spend more time in front of customers and less time getting setup or offline.

Have Remote Contact Center Agents?

Learn how virtual desktops specifically help organizations provision, support and manage remote agents.

BPO agents using virtual desktops

Dizzion Services

cloud computing

Cloud Desktops

Let users access their desktops anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Dizzion Business Insights

Business Insights

Deep business insights and analytics for smart, data-driven decisions.


Compliant Desktops

Third party audited HIPAA and PCI compliant desktops for easier compliance.

cloud delivered desktops

Secure Endpoints

Simple, affordable, compliant, secure endpoint options for any use case.

Security & User Controls

Security & User Controls

100+ customizable security and control options based on use case.

virtual desktops

Application Streaming

Quickly deliver single apps to end users without an entire desktop.

Case Study

Dizzion Enables Outsourced Customer Care for Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home wanted to engage an outsourced contact center but was concerned about data security. Dizzion eased those concerns.

“Dizzion made it easy to stand up our BPO — we provisioned our virtual desktops and golden images relatively easily. Not having to worry about the technology allows me to focus on our customers.” – Norm Nelson, Senior Director of Customer Experience, Vivint Smart Home

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