HIPAA Compliant Desktops

Achieve & maintain HIPAA HITECH compliance with Dizzion’s compliant virtual desktops 

Any covered entity or business associate that produces, saves, transfers or receives personal health information (PHI) needs to be HIPAA compliant. With Dizzion’s independently audited HIPAA HITECH compliant desktops and thin clients, organizations can more easily reach and maintain compliance for in-house staff, remote workers, contractors and service providers.


Protect PHI with Compliant Desktops

Accounting for almost 60% of data leaks in 2017, healthcare is the most vulnerable industry when it comes to data protection. If that wasn’t enough, when a breach or leak does occur, HIPAA non-compliance fines can easily top $1 million. As healthcare services expand to include an increasing number of remote providers and third-party contractors, any organization that handles personal health information (PHI) needs to take extra steps to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Dizzion’s virtual desktops and secure endpoints are specifically designed to be HIPAA HITECH compliant. Our solutions are audited annually by a third party QSA so you can trust us to help you achieve and maintain compliance, no matter where you workers are.

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HIPAA Compliant Virtual Desktops

Dizzion’s compliant virtual desktops help provide the assurance that the security technology, processes and controls in place will keep information secure. Dizzion’s CTO Rob Green and VP of Product and Strategy Brady Ranum describe the compliant cloud services Dizzion offers in this 2-minute video.

HIPAA Compliant Desktop Benefits

HIPAA Expertise

HIPAA Expertise

Rely on Dizzion’s HIPAA compliant infrastructure and expertise to support a strong compliance posture. Leverage our administrative, physical and technical safeguards to ensure ePHI is secure.

virtualizing BPO

Save Time & Money

Remove the cost and in-house expertise required to manage end user compliance and HIPAA audits. Complete audits more quickly and easily with our HIPAA compliance audit documentation.

remote agent

Secure Your Endpoints

Endpoints such as laptops and tablets represent huge data risk for healthcare organizations.  Secure and control data while still enabling users to be productive from any device — including our HIPAA compliant thin client options.

Hyper-converged, Compliant Infrastructure

Hyper-converged, Compliant Infrastructure

Twelve unique pieces of technology layered on to our hyper-converged infrastructure to meet HIPAA requirements and achieve compliance.

BPO solutions

High Performance

Purpose-built for speed on infrastructure that delivers 99.99% availability. Customizable deployment options along with HD video and VOIP softphone integration deliver a seamless user experience.

Serve More HIPAA Customers

Serve More HIPAA Customers

Expand your ability to serve customers in the healthcare, insurance and collection industries by meeting the compliance and security requirements they demand from their business associates.


“In looking at all the DaaS solutions available with HIPAA Compliance, Dizzion was the clear leader when it comes to operational experience and expertise to back it up. Dizzion is more than just a “check the box” organization and they deeply understand the HIPAA compliance environment.”

– Kurt Bertelsen, CIO

Maintaining HIPAA Compliance

Dizzion Services

cloud computing

Cloud Desktops

Let users access their desktops anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Dizzion Business Insights

Business Insights

Deep business insights and analytics for smart, data-driven decisions.


Compliant Desktops

Third party audited HIPAA and PCI compliant desktops for easier compliance.

cloud delivered desktops

Secure Endpoints

Simple, affordable, compliant, secure endpoint options for any use case.

Security & User Controls

Security & User Controls

100+ customizable security and control options based on use case.

virtual desktops

Application Streaming

Quickly deliver single apps to end users without an entire desktop.

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Ease Compliance Headaches

Businesses often struggle with meeting strict compliance requirements and protecting sensitive corporate and consumer data. One of the biggest challenges lies at the end of the data chain of control: End users and endpoint devices.

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