VDI for Mergers & Acquisitions

Maintain workforce productivity during times of transition with virtual desktops

When undergoing a merger or acquisition, organizations need solutions to ease change management, protect employee productivity and ensure corporate security. Dizzion’s virtual desktops allow companies to quickly and easily unify a workforce with access to business-critical applications, security and controls – all from a single pane of glass.

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Create a Unified IT Experience During M&A

Following a merger or acquisition, IT teams face the daunting challenge of integrating networks, systems, applications, processes and procedures on quick timelines and under a lot of pressure. It’s critical to get all employees – regardless of location or original organization – onto the same platform quickly to maintain productivity.

Dizzion’s end user computing solutions make it easy to provision and deploy new desktops to employees and contractors around the globe, allowing IT teams to quickly and easily unify an entire workforce following a merger or acquisition. Productivity is maintained and security, controls and compliance are normalized, minimizing risk.

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VDI Benefits During M&A

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Easily Deploy to Employees

Bring hundreds or thousands of employees onto a consistent platform within days – not months.

Secure Sensitive Data & IP

Secure Sensitive Data & IP

Over 100 user controls to regulate users’ ability to transfer data (i.e. copy/paste functionality, USB drives, etc.)

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Centralized IT Management

Handle desktop provisioning, patching and updates from a central location. No physical device access needed.

managed endpoint solutions

Reduce Hardware Costs

Deploy cloud desktops to employees’ and contractor’s existing endpoints, including laptops and thin clients, regardless of OS.

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High-Performance Experience

Purpose built infrastructure delivers 99.99% availability on high availability configurations and supports capability for VOIP softphone solutions and high-definition video.


Instantly Increase Compliance

Issue PCI or HIPPA compliant virtual desktops to ensure the entire organization is operating within a compliant desktop environment from day one.

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Dizzion Services

cloud computing

Cloud Desktops

Let users access their desktops anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Dizzion Business Insights

Business Insights

Deep business insights and analytics for smart, data-driven decisions.


Compliant Desktops

Third party audited HIPAA and PCI compliant desktops for easier compliance.

cloud delivered desktops

Secure Endpoints

Simple, affordable, compliant, secure endpoint options for any use case.

Security & User Controls

Security & User Controls

100+ customizable security and control options based on use case.

virtual desktops

Application Streaming

Quickly deliver single apps to end users without an entire desktop.


Turning Desktops into Powerful Tools

Nearly every employee in a company uses a desktop. Turn that into a competitive advantage by treating desktops like powerful tools of productivity and business insight.


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