VDI for Medical Billing & Coding

Medical billing and coding is a vital part of the healthcare industry, but poses its own unique set of challenges. Dealing with both personal health information (PHI) and payment information makes data security a top priority within the medical billing and coding field. These jobs are also increasingly moving to a work at home model, further complicating security and accessibility.

With the Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicting that the medical billing and coding industry will grow 21% by 2020, healthcare organizations are looking for innovative ways to keep up with growth while maintaining security, control and productivity.

Medical Billing & Coding Challenges

As medical billing and coding grows, the challenges the industry faces will become more pronounced. Healthcare providers and medical billing and coding companies need to turn to technology to address many of these issues. Specifically, technology can help medical billing and coding face challenges such as:

  • Achieving HIPAA compliant solutions
  • Security for remote billing agents and coders
  • Reliable access to necessary industry software

Virtual Desktops for Medical Billing & Coding

Virtual desktops and desktops as a service (DaaS) are an ideal solution for medical billing and coding because they provide secure access anytime, anywhere, from any device and can meet strict HIPAA compliance requirements.

Virtual desktops enable medical billers and coders to access the necessary software from any internet-enabled, include personal devices in work at home situations. Regardless of device, sensitive patient information is kept secure with easy-to-implement security controls and by ensuing no data is ever stored on vulnerable endpoint devices. This allows medical billing and coding organizations to easily find certified billers and coders by capitalizing on today’s remote workforce trend without worrying about desktop provisioning and support, data security or software compatibility.

Dizzion Virtual Desktops for Medical Billing & Coding

Dizzion’s DaaS solution is specifically designed for highly secure industries like healthcare, including medical billing and coding. Our virtual desktops offer the best in security, accessibility and end user experience.

Dizzion virtual desktops are specifically suited to medical billing and coding needs by offering:

Dizzion’s fully managed, compliant desktop as a service solutions allow medical billing and coding organizations to implement secure virtual desktops without a costly and complicated in-house deployment. Supported by purposed built infrastructure specifically designed for the demands of high performance, high availability virtual desktops, Dizzion is an ideal solution for medical billing and coding organizations interested in the benefits of virtual desktops.