VDI for Mortgage Processing

Mortgage processing services handle an amazing amount of paper work containing sensitive personal data as they collect, input and collate all the required information and forms for a mortgage loan.

While some financial institutions have in-house loan processors, mortgage processing is commonly done through outsourced mortgage processing services that have the personnel and experience required to quickly collect and verify information and turn out completed loan packages.

Mortgage Processing Needs & Challenges

Whether in-house processors or a mortgage processing service, mortgage processors face a variety of challenges stemming from the data they handle and the inconsistency of mortgage demands. Common challenges and needs within mortgage processing include:

  • Need to quickly and easily scale to meet demand and complete mortgage processing in a timely manner
  • Transferring and accessing large files
  • Secure access to sensitive data – particularly with third party contractors or outsourced mortgage processing services
  • Meeting all current compliance requirements
  • Software/application support and compatibility
  • Ability to support increasing mobility demands without hindering access or productivity 

Virtual Desktops for Mortgage Processing

Virtual desktops help mortgage processors address the industry’s challenges by providing a secure way to access documents from any internet-enabled device, anywhere – regardless of traditional application and software compatibility issues.

Designed to scale with demand, virtual desktops offer mortgage processing service providers a way to easily and affordably provision in-house employees or contractors with secure access to applications and data when needed, without paying for hardware that sits ideal during low demand periods. When a mortgage processor is not working on a loan application, their desktop access can simply be “shut off” and turned back on again when they have an assignment.

Virtual desktops keep sensitive data secure by ensuring information and documents are never stored or accessible from the native desktop. Instead, all data and applications are isolated without the virtual desktop environment and a secure data center. This enables mortgage processors to allow remote employees to use their own computers without security concerns.

Dizzion Virtual Desktops for Mortgage Processing

Dizzion specializes in virtual desktop solutions for highly secure, highly regulated industries like financial services and mortgage processing. Dizzion also offers additional cloud services that further support and enable mortgage processing without sacrificing security or performance.

Features and services that make Dizzion virtual desktops ideal for mortgage processing include:

  • 100+ security controls
  • Application virtualization to support legacy software and address compatibility issues with processor-owned devices
  • Cloud-based file sharing and storage to make accessing and collaborating on large files easier
  • Easy scaling to fit demand
  • Independently audited and verified PCI DSS compliant desktops

Dizzion’s virtual desktops allow in-house and outsourced mortgage processors to easily and successfully support employees while promoting productivity and data security. As more mortgage processing moves to remote processors, virtual desktops will be a critical mobility tool to ensure the integrity of the work while adjusting to changing workforce trends.