Dizzion Control Center

Manage, monitor and draw business insights from your virtual desktop environment

The Dizzion Control Center is a convenient, centralized portal for virtual desktop management and monitoring. Streamline IT management and support desk monitoring while giving business leaders the productivity and usage metrics they’ve always dreamed of.


Easily Identify Efficiencies

The Dizzion Control Center is an easy-to-use, centralized management portal for all your end user computing environment needs — from desktop troubleshooting to strategic business analysis. Within the Dizzion Control Center, you can see how the environment is performing for each user, get real-time insights that help quickly pinpoint the cause of user issues, interact with your Dizzion Support Team, track project timelines, run trend reports and more.

The Dizzion Control Center is designed for everyone from IT troubleshooters up through top-level business leaders, providing a range of benefits for the entire organization within a single tool. It all comes back to one goal: giving you the information and insights to move faster, make data-driven decisions and ultimately increase productivity across the organization. It helps you bridge the gap between a hunch and real, actionable knowledge.

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Environment Management

Dizzion Control Center Home DashboardManage all aspects of your virtual desktops and partnership with Dizzion from the main dashboard of the Dizzion Control Center. This includes:

  • Filing, viewing and editing support tickets
  • Reviewing scheduled maintenance windows and project timelines
  • Accessing your custom application set to ensure the information you need is easy to find

A different dashboard can be created for each user profile (i.e. help desk, business managers, IT team), ensuring the most important information is front and center as soon as managers and support staff login so they can be productive right away.

The Dizzion Control Center also handles critical management components such as automated vulnerability patching to make sure all desktops remain secure and updated without manually addressing each endpoint, which saves you time and protects your company. Dizzion not only provides the antivirus protection that helps secure your organization from a head on collision with a malicious virus, the Control Center gives you confidence in your current security stature in real time across all employees. 

User Monitoring

User Health MonitoringUser experience is key to any successful virtual desktop initiative and with Dizzion Control Center you can be confident that your end users are encountering a high-performing experience. The Dizzion Control Center provides real time monitoring of:

  • Computing resource usage
  • Application use
  • Bandwidth
  • Open Internet tabs
  • End user activity and idle time

No more spending hours trying to pinpoint a problem when a user reports that their desktop is “running slow.” The Control Center lets you view the real time environment and usage by computer, session, accounts, applications and more to help quickly identify the problem. If you need more information, you can shadow a user and even remote access their desktop to troubleshoot first hand.

This level of real time insight and hyper-accurate issue resolution enables teams to keep employees more productive with less downtime and user frustration.

Business Insights

Dizzion Control Center Business Insights 2018Dizzion Insights is what separates our Control Center from an off-the-shelf VDI monitoring tool. It’s the missing piece you’ve been looking for to take your business to the next level — real, actionable insights that lead to meaningful business impacts.

Instant access to 12 months of archived data — generated by your specific workforce — gives you the unparalleled ability to track trends, analyze usage patterns, assess overall system health, identify prime areas for cost savings and optimization, and dive deeper into any areas of interest.

Use Dizzion Control Center Business Insights to:

  • Assess application use to narrow tech stacks and maximize budgets
  • Evaluate employee productivity vs. idleness ratios to increase workforce optimization
  • Determine if computing resources are well utilized or need adjustment to right-size provisioning and spending
  • Monitor peak usage trends for more accurate staffing decisions

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Dizzion Control Center Features

Real Time User Monitoring

Real Time User Monitoring

Monitor the current state of your environment with real time insights into resource usage per desktop to ensure everything is running properly for max productivity.

Remote Assistance Capability

Remote Assistance Capability

Shadow users and remote into their desktop for fast, pinpoint troubleshooting, reducing profit-eating employee downtime and morale killing user frustration.

Ticket Management

Ticket Management

Log, edit, respond to and manage tickets with the Dizzion Support Team from an easy-to-navigate pane. Centralized management means no hopping between applications.


Automated Patching

No more blindly hoping end users patch their system that reach into your company. Built-in vulnerability patching helps keep your environment secure.

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic logins mimic user actions, verify login times and measure application response to ensure a normal state so you can address issues proactively.

Timeline Management

Timeline Management

Transparency is the foundation of a good partnership. Monitor project timelines and maintenance windows to ensure everything is clear and on track with Dizzion.

Stop guessing, start knowing

See how Dizzion’s virtual desktops and powerful Control Center can help your organization get to the next level.

Dizzion Control Center Use Cases

Solve problems faster

An end user calls in and complains that their desktop is running slow. By looking at the real time monitoring insights you’re able to pinpoint the problem is decreased bandwidth from the users’ home connection. After looking at historical data, you can further conclude it happens when their kids get home and connect to the WiFi.

Ensure employee productivity

You assume a contractor is doing their work in a timely manner, but before Dizzion Control Center you could never really be sure. With application monitoring and user shadowing, you’ll learn if they’re actually working or watching ESPN. With this knowledge, you can ensure you’re only working with the best contractors.

Stop wasting budget

The contract for a SaaS application is up for renewal. It’s a valuable app … but only if it’s actually being used. By evaluating 12 months of application usage data, you are able to determine if that app is widely used or if low usage means you can terminate the contract and reallocate that budget to something with a better ROI.

Insight into your environment

New applications are deployed and suddenly performance issues have popped up, which is slowing productivity and frustrating end users. Dive into the application analytics to identify which heavy app is causing the issue in a matter of minutes instead of hours and with confidence instead guessing until you get it right.

IT cost control

Analyze 12 months of historical data to determine if computing resources are sized correctly or if some desktops are larger than actually needed in some use cases. You can also pinpoint desktops no longer in use and other housecleaning items that will help reduce unnecessary spending and assist with IT cost control.

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Bringing Transparency, Productivity & Insights to VDI

See how Dizzion Control Center Business Insights provides organizations with the desktop usage and performance data they’ve been dreaming of so they can make data-driven business decisions and incite real change.

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