Platform & Delivery Options

Ultra-scalable platforms built for performance and optimal virtual desktop delivery

Dizzion specializes in building ultra-scalable cloud platforms. Our fourth-generation, purpose-built hyper-converged infrastructure combined with customizable virtual desktop delivery options meet customers’ end user computing needs today and well into the future.

virtual desktop delivery options

Custom Infrastructure to Meet the Demands of Virtual Desktops

Dizzion’s cloud desktops were built for performance. We use enterprise-grade hardware, high-performance storage, 10GB+ network and enterprise security all housed in hardened, secure data centers. Dizzion virtual desktops are typically delivered via a private cloud with each customer’s virtual data center isolated and secured from other instances on our multi-tenant platform. On premise and hybrid desktop delivery options are also available.

Unlike many DaaS providers, Dizzion does not take a one-size-fits all approach when it comes to its underlying infrastructure. Instead, our platform is designed to support the specific needs of large-scale virtual desktop infrastructure delivery and to provide an exceptional end user experience. Enterprise-grade hardware, proprietary storage tier, VDI-optimized compute resources and low latency network design deliver a reliable user experience with maximum uptime.

We partner with top-tier, global service providers to deploy our specialized end user computing PODs in their secure data centers. These hardened facilities are temperature-controlled, power and cooling redundant, energy-efficient, network-rich and offer multiple layers of physical security (PCI & HIPAA certified) to further ensure availability of Dizzion’s cloud desktops.

Unique VDI Platform Design

Dizzion’s technology platform was architected specifically to support cloud desktop deployments at scale. Key attributes of our platform design include:

  • Scale out infrastructure design where the entire platform grows in both capacity and performance as more users are added
  • Redundant blade server architecture based on high-density 2RU compute nodes
  • Server hardware FRUs (field replaceable units) which are cost-effective to operate and simple to maintain and support at scale
  • Proprietary virtual storage appliance allocates 100 to 300 IOPS per desktop – 4 to 8 times the industry standard
  • Networking design utilizing a 1Gbps, 10Gbps, and 40Gbps redundant routing and switching infrastructure to ensure capacity while maintaining low latency
  • Infrastructure supported by our proprietary Cloud Orchestration Service Management Operations System (COSMOS) operating global infrastructure PODs with highly integrated provisioning and service management

Virtual Desktop Delivery Options

Private Cloud Delivery

  • Dedicated firewalls, security servers, connection broker, authentication servers and trusts, load balancers and network integration provide highly-available, secure connections
  • Customer isolation within their own secure environment
  • High availability (HA) configuration to support a 99.99% SLA for availability

On Premise Delivery

  • A purpose-built Dizzion POD is deployed on-premise at the customer location and desktops integrate locally with customer applications and data
  • One 48U POD supports approximately 2,000 simultaneous virtual desktops
  • Gain efficiencies of scale as deployments continue to expand

Hybrid Delivery

  • Configure a combination of private cloud and on premise delivery options to meet your unique needs
  • Reduce latency when supporting multiple geographic locations (i.e. multi-national or regional delivery)
  • Support disaster recovery plans by using an on premise POD for production and private-cloud delivery for fail-over

Cloud Orchestration Service Management Operations System (COSMOS)

Developed by Dizzion to support unique internal and end-user requirements, COSMOS allows automated, efficient provisioning and management across our infrastructure footprint in addition to:

  • Provides customers with provisioning tools and visibility into their individual environments, offering insight into workloads, service delivery and consumption trends
  • Configures workloads based on consumption trends and fits them together to operate most efficiently on our cloud platform
  • Reduces the typical problem of “noisy neighbors” without the need for Quality of Service (QoS) service throttling

“To address the unique needs of virtual desktop instances, we created our own cloud environment from the ground up. Everything from compute and storage to the networking is architected by our team.”

– Rob Green CTO Dizzion, Inc.

​Technical Paper:

Dizzion Technology Overview

This paper discusses Dizzion’s desktop as a service and end use computing solutions to demonstrate the unique benefits and infrastructure of our fully managed solutions.

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