Faster End User Computing
  • Faster End User Computing
    - You want that!

  • Dizzion makes things GO FAST

  • Dizzion delivers Fast
    - and Faster Is Better

  • Do you want all the benefits of virtual desktops but have not been able to make it work yourself?
    Try Dizzion’s fully managed Cloud Delivered Desktop Solution.
  • Provisioning, boot times, application access, and the end-user experience.
    At Dizzion, FAST is a state of mind.
  • Implementation, customer service, time to market, and your ROI.
    It’s good to go fast.

Dizzion Ecosystem

Dizzion has built a powerful ecosystem integrating customers, technology partners and resellers with our committed customer success teams. Working together we deliver the fastest End User Computing environment.

  • Customers
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Dizzion Brings it all Together


Proven Experience in Fast Paced Environments



For hospitals and medical facilities today, the ongoing challenge is how to provide the highest levels of healthcare services, while optimizing the doctor/patient experience and controlling administrative costs. Organizations have identified the need for practitioners to have seamless access to patient healthcare information (PHI) and applications, in any setting, from any device, while also being required to protect the confidential nature of PHI. Learn more…

Skyscrapers looking up

Financial Services

IT resources supporting the financial services industry sector are under constant scrutiny to achieve availability and innovation security while maintaining regulatory and compliance standards. Dizzion’s End User Computing service enables leading banks, insurers, and Capital markets companies to provide their employees with continuous access to a virtual, highly-secured desktop environment. Learn More…

Contact center w/ headset

Contact Centers

The technology landscape of Contact Centers has changed, straining in-house IT resources and risking major regulatory and compliance issues. Dizzion’s Cloud Delivered Desktop service alleviates this complexity by giving your employees access to virtual, highly secured desktops enhancing productivity throughout your business. Learn more…

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