Virtual Desktop Use Cases

Bringing high-performance, flexibility and security to end user computing

Mid-sized and enterprise organizations are recognizing the benefits Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktops bring to end user productivity, IT optimization and the bottom line. The Dizzion team configures customized end user computing solutions to solve customers’ key business challenges.

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VDI to Solve Your Toughest Use Cases

Organizations and IT departments face greater and more complex challenges when it comes to supporting end users today. Maintaining security and compliance, limited human capital, inadequate budgets to refresh hardware, and continuous application patching and updates are a few of the most common concerns. Meanwhile, consistency, high-performance, and flexibility are the expectation when delivering end user computing tools and applications.

Cloud delivered desktops can transform how organizations support the evolving demands of end user computing. Scaling large call centers, ramping surge resources for seasonal demand, delivering legacy applications with dated system requirements, and IT infrastructure integration after a merger or acquisition are some of the specific ways cloud delivered desktops can support your use case. Explore virtual desktop use cases below.

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Key VDI Use Cases

Work at Home Programs

Embrace the growing remote working and work at home trends with confidence.

Contact Centers

Scale rapidly and efficiently to accommodate new agents or seasonal demand spikes.

PCI Compliance

Audit-ready PCI DSS security and controls regardless of user location.

HIPAA Compliance

Infrastructure and expertise designed to help you achieve HIPAA compliance.

Disaster Recovery

Ensure desktops are still available in the case of an unexpected interruption.

Third Party Contractors

Ramp contractors quickly while maintaining security and control.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Quicker, easier tech integration during mergers or acquisitions.

Virtual Desktop Benefits

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Maintain Data Security

Gain true control over the endpoint and the transfer, storage and sharing of sensitive information and intellectual property with 100+ security control options.

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Centralized IT Management

Deploy and support employees or third-party contractors by easily providing necessary applications and resources directly to their cloud delivered desktop.

BPO solutions

Drive Real Productivity

Reduce time spent on desktop troubleshooting and support for IT and get new users up to speed quickly for faster time to productivity and revenue.

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Scale Quickly

Quickly provision or remove desktops from your pool to meet the changing needs of your business. No need to adjust hardware or infrastructure.

remote agent

High Performing Experience

Purpose built infrastructure delivers 99.99% availability on high availability configurations and support capability for VOIP softphone solutions and high definition video.

Support a Changing Workforce

Support a Changing Workforce

Support work from home programs, BYOD initiatives, and third-party contractors with flexible tools to be more productive from any location.

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“My favorite thing about Dizzion is that it just works. Our implementation was painless.”

Vivint Smart Home

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