Virtual Desktops for Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is a vital component of the healthcare industry to ensure that medical information is properly prepared and documented. Whether located in a hospital, doctor’s office or working at home, medical transcriptionists need fast, reliable access to the software and data critical to their job function. On top of that, they need to work in a secure, HIPAA compliant environment (even when working from home) since they deal with personal health information (PHI) all day, every day.

Medical Transcription Challenges

Medical transcription faces the dual challenge of dealing with highly sensitive PHI while also having a large part of the medical transcriptionist workforce working from home. This leaves healthcare organizations and medical transcription companies needing a solution that gives their transcriptionists access to the data necessary to perform the job but also places a high priority on data security and compliance.

Particular challenges faced by medical transcription include:

  • HIPAA compliance
  • Strong security
  • Remote data and program access
  • Device and application compatibility
  • Tight control over data – particularly with remote medical transcriptionists

Virtual Desktops for Medical Transcription

Virtual desktops offer a solution that allows for data and application access from any internet-enabled device, while simultaneously creating a more secure environment that keeps PHI and other sensitive data off vulnerable endpoints.

With virtual desktops, medical transcriptionists can easily access the information and software they need from either company-issued or personal devices, regardless of the endpoint and operating system.

Dizzion Virtual Desktops for Medical Transcription

Dizzion’s virtual desktops are specifically tailored to the needs of the highly secure, highly regulated healthcare industry, including medical transcription. Deployed on purpose-built infrastructure to ensure a high availability, high performance virtual desktop environment, Dizzion allows organizations to offer a consistent, reliable, highly secure end user experience.

Dizzion’s healthcare and medical transcription-focused virtual desktop features include:

  • Independently audited and verified HIPAA HITECH compliant desktops
  • 100+ security controls
  • App streaming and legacy application support
  • Secure endpoint solutions for remote workers

Work at home medical transcription is a rapidly growing and vital part of the healthcare industry, and Dizzion virtual desktops allow medical transcriptionists to work remotely without sacrificing data security or HIPAA compliance.