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Can Your DaaS Solution Do This? 10 Demos Showing Frame in Action

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Ruben Spruijt

One of the top sessions at Nutanix EUC Tech Summit, the zero-fluff event designed by and for EUC geeks and visionaries, was the “EUC Demo-only Party.”

All DaaS providers claim their product is simple and powerful. But Frame can back up the hype with proof. See for yourself how Frame performs with these 10 short demos of Frame in action across leading infrastructures, devices, guest OSs, applications, and support tools.

  1. Deploy 8 Frame accounts on 6 continents on 4 infrastructures - in 4 minutes!

    What if you can deploy eight Frame accounts globally on six different continents using four different infrastructure platforms—Nutanix AHV, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud—in four minutes?! This demo shows real-world multicloud and hybrid cloud operations with a great administrative experience.

  2. Frame Guest Agent updates automatically—easy!

    One of the benefits of the Frame Desktop as a Service solution is simplicity. The Frame Guest Agent (FGA) runs inside the MasterMachine (Sandbox) and Product instances and updates automatically when a new version of the FGA is available.

  3. Enterprise Profiles—one-click simplicity for user Profiles

    Leveraging Frame Enterprise Profiles provides fast user logon and logoff, even for large user profiles. In essence, it attaches a profile disk at user logon. The profile disk contains the complete Windows user profile, including Office 365 outlook cache, and more. Enabling Enterprise Profiles is a one-click action; no configuration of File Services, shares, or permissions. Just click and go!

  4. Application masking with Frame and Microsoft—single image multiple use-cases

    What if you want to install applications into the Frame Master Image and mask various applications based on categories such as user groups? This quick demo shows Frame and Microsoft Application masking technology in action.

  5. Create Progressive Web Applications in a single click and run from any device

    With Frame, it is possible to create Progressive Web Applications (PWA) with a single click and integrate these applications into any interface, including Windows Start Menu, Apple macOS Dock, and Google Shelf, without installing anything.

  6. Launching Frame-powered PWAs on Google Chromebook

    Want to know how to integrate PWAs and launch them from a Google Chromebook? Watch this cool demonstration and see it in action.

  7. Integration into any workspace with Frame LaunchLink—Workspace 365 for instance!

    This quick demo shows how easy it is to integrate Frame into Workspace 365.

    Frame-powered Windows applications can run in any HTML5 interface. With a single click, Frame creates a LaunchLink and embeds applications into HTML5 interfaces such as Citrix Workspace, Liquit, Microsoft Office 365, VMware Horizon One, Workspace 365, and more.

  8. IGEL EdgeOS and Frame app in a 200ms network scenario

    If you are interested in using Frame and Linux-based thin clients, check out this demo of the Frame app for Linux (Early Access) running on an IGEL EdgeOS powered device. You will see Frame performing well in a WAN scenario with more 200ms total latency and GPU-based applications. A great demo combination!

  9. Run any application in a browser, including Pinball, C&C, flight simulator

    Run any application in a browser, including Pinball, Command & Conquer, and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Why? To show the power of the solution and also because we can.

  10. Peripherals and Frame with 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse

The final demo is a nice one. It shows the ability to use peripherals such as the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro within Frame. Enjoy!

We hope you enjoy the session!

Here’s a quick overview of all the technology used in the 10 Frame demos.

Technology used
InfrastructuresNutanix AHV, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud
DevicesGoogle PixelBook2, MacBook Pro, Lenovo T480s, IGEL UD-pocket
Guest OS-esWindows 10, Server 2019, Server 2016
GPUsNVIDIA TESLA T4: vGPU v11 with AHV, AWS & GCP with T4 and 4 x T4
ApplicationsMicrosoft Office 365, Pinball, C&C remastered, Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk Inventor 2020, Autodesk Revit 2020, PowerBI, and more
Supporting toolsFrame Enterprise Profiles (Liquidware ProfileDisk), Microsoft Application Masking (Fslogix), MSIX w/ AppCure
AccessFrame Launchpad, Progressive Web Applications (PWA), LaunchLinks w/ Workspace 365
Peripherals3Dconnexion SpaceMouse, TrustMaster JoyStick

You can also still watch the EUC Tech Summit (including keynote, customer interviews, technology deep dives, and more) here!


Ruben Spruijt

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