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· 6 min read
Jake Norman

Implementing a Pilot Testing Methodology

Scenario: As a company, you are not allowed to make changes directly to any production environment. As such, you must implement a pilot testing methodology that allows a progression of testing environments for different groups to approve changes before those changes are promoted to production. How do you accomplish this with Frame?

This blog series centers around Frame Image Management. Image Management is “How do I set up my environment in the most optimal way, to minimize the number of images I have to manage?” Part 1 of this series covered how to onboard and configure SaaS applications. Part 2 covered how to install persistent applications into a non-persistent workload. Part 3 covered how to preconfigure user-specific settings for all users from the Sandbox. This blog post will cover another common virtual desktop use case, how to implement a pilot testing methodology using Frame. Due to the nature of persistent vs non-persistent Frame accounts, this post will cover this process from a non-persistent perspective.