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Announcing General Availability of Frame App 7: Elevate Your Desktop Experience

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Yangzhi Zhao

Frame App 7 Header Image

I can't believe it's been more than three years since we first announced that our desktop client, Frame App, was Generally Available! And while Dizzion Frame is, and will always be, a browser-first Desktop as a Service solution, there are certain features that simply require capabilities beyond what commercial browsers can offer - and that's where Frame App has helped save the day!

However, it's important to know that as browser technology continues to improve, Dizzion is always looking to leverage those improvements to provide an even better and more feature-rich user experience with just a browser. A good example of this is our native multi-monitor support - as this was one of the most popular features that was originally enabled by Frame App. However, as browser APIs provided better integration with physical monitors, we refactored this feature and now it's delivered completely through the browser.

Today, there are still a few key use cases where Frame App is needed:

  1. Advanced USB peripheral support: Where one or more commercial browsers may be unable to properly communicate with the device.

  2. Secure browsing: Where commercial browsers on the local device are restricted and users are directed to access web and SaaS apps via their Frame session.

  3. Kiosk use cases: Where customer may want to prevent users from accessing the local device OS such as with thin clients from IGEL, Stratodesk, 10ZiG, and Unicon.

This is why we are so excited to announce that Frame App 7 is now Generally Available for Windows, macOS and Linux with version 7.4 and newer!

This release represents a significant leap forward for Frame App, bringing several key enhancements and new features.

Frame App 7 running on macOS

Frame App 7 running on macOS.

Rebuilt from the Ground Up

With Frame App 7, we've completely rearchitected the core of Frame App, transitioning from the Chromium Embedded Framework to the Electron Framework. This shift leverages Chromium as the rendering engine, ensuring a more stable and reliable Frame App experience. By using the same platform that powers popular enterprise apps like GitHub Desktop, Slack, Trello, and Visual Studio Code, we enhance our software's robustness. Additionally, this move to Electron enables native support for Google Sign-In with Frame App 7.

A Modern Approach to 'Generic USB' Support

With Frame App 7, we've also significantly revamped our approach to our Generic USB Support feature. Previously, we relied on a custom-developed filter driver to facilitate the communication between USB devices and the Frame session. Now, Frame App 7 standardizes on WebUSB, which not only brings cross-platform support for the feature across Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints, but also significantly expands the number of devices supported out-of-the-box. Additionally, if Frame App 7 detects that a device's native driver is incompatible with WebUSB, it automatically engages a built-in failover mechanism that utilizes local generic USB drivers instead.

Frame App 7 USB Device Selection

Interface for selecting USB devices to be passed into the Frame session.

What's the best part about this approach? It continuously improves as the WebUSB API evolves!


Although we have tested our new Generic USB Support with a wide range of devices, we recommend testing Frame App 7 with your specific set of peripherals before deploying it to production users. Should you encounter any issues with a specific device, don’t hesitate to open a support case.

Fresh Look and Feel

We've given Frame App a makeover, adopting a modern design that enhances user enjoyment. We believe you'll appreciate the new interface, which is not only nicer to look at but also more intuitive to navigate.

Frame App 7 Menu Design

New Frame App 7 menu design.

True Full-Screen Mode

Enjoy distraction-free viewing with our improved full-screen mode. We've designed the Frame App menu to stay hidden while you're in full screen, allowing you to focus completely on what's important.

Auto Enable Camera and Microphone

For users who need to utilize their microphone and webcams during their Frame sessions, Frame App 7 now automatically enables those devices when the Frame session begins.

New Troubleshooting Tools

For those who like to delve deeper, we've added a range of built-in tools accessible from the Frame App menu: WebRTC Internals, GPU Internals, USB Internals, and Developer Tools. These tools are intended to provide you and your users with deeper insights for troubleshooting issues that may arise while accessing Frame sessions through Frame App!

GPU Internals


Helpful tools such as WebRTC and GPU Internals are now readily accessible from the Frame App 7 menu.

What's Next for Frame App?

Frame App 7 is dedicated to providing a more powerful, reliable, and seamless user experience. We're excited for you to explore these updates and experience firsthand how they can enhance your workflow or simply make your Frame experience more enjoyable.

Looking ahead, there's even more to anticipate. Frame App 7 will soon be featured on the IGEL App Portal and included in Unicon's eLux 7 GA release. Stay tuned for these exciting developments!

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