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· 7 min read
Ruben Spruijt

In blog 2 in this series, I talked about three big issues that can derail a VDI project: poor user experience, excessive solution complexity, and high costs. I also explained why hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is widely recognized as the solution to these challenges. But, when it comes to VDI, not all HCI solutions are the same. Nutanix is uniquely capable of addressing VDI infrastructure challenges and delivering a better overall VDI solution. Virtual applications and desktops are almost literally in Nutanix's DNA. Today we have thousands of customers successfully delivering millions of virtual apps and desktops on Nutanix—all covered by our world-class support. While this blog focuses on VDI, the Nutanix platform supports both VDI and DaaS solutions addressing a broad range of use-cases.

· 5 min read
Ruben Spruijt

In the first blog in this series, I talked about the main advantages of VDI and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), including centralized management, improved security, and ability to support bring-your-own-device (BYOD). This time, I want to focus on common problems that arise with VDI. We'll look at three big VDI challenges—poor user experience, solution complexity, and high costs.

· 6 min read
Ruben Spruijt

It's been a long-running joke in the IT industry that every year is going to be “the year of VDI,” the year when IT organizations finally recognize the full value of virtual desktops and applications and adoption accelerates.

But while industry watchers have been laughing, use of VDI—and its cousin Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)—in the real world has been rising steadily. According to Gartner[^1], the global market for infrastructure to run VDI software in 2019 is $7.58B, and the VDI/DaaS software market is $5B. And spending is growing more than 11% annually—much faster than IT spending as a whole.