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Smarter virtual desktops and end user computing solutions for a global workforce

Founded on performance, productivity, security and flexibility, Dizzion is changing the way the world works.


A Better Way to Work

Dizzion began in 2011 with a bold idea to transform end user computing. The way people worked had changed, so why were the tools the same? It was time to free users from the typical constraints of a single device and place and let them work anytime, anywhere, using any device.

Dizzion’s virtual desktops, end user computing solutions and business insight capabilities are designed from the ground up to directly address some of today’s most pressing business challenges:

  • Corporate intellectual property and data walk out the door with employees every day
  • Employees increasingly desire the freedom over where and when they want
  • Technologies are changing rapidly, forcing IT organizations to keep pace
  • Users seek device flexibility – laptops, tablets, smartphones and more
  • Corporate governance, security and compliance concerns are mounting
  • Businesses need an increased level of environment visibility, transparency and data to make smarter business decisions

Solving these challenges requires bigger thinking, and that’s where Dizzion comes in.

Dizzion Founders Robert Green, Manny Ladis and Steve Prather

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From desktop virtualization to secure endpoints to robust business insights, Dizzion provides a range of end user computing services to help organizations gain a competitive advantage.


““Our mission is to redefine the way the world works. To do that, we want to constantly innovate and solve our customers’ most critical business problems.””

— Steve Prather, Dizzion CEO & Co-Founder

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