Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

Our next generation digital workspace solutions enable AEC firms to fast track their digital transformation. Provide seamless global access to business-critical apps and data while ensuring sensitive intellectual property never leaves your secure network boundaries. By shifting compute to the cloud, firms can ensure they are allocating the right resources for the job to help achieve sustainability goals while enhancing user productivity.

Solve it With Dizzion.

Stay ahead of the competition.

Support BYO device programs and secure work-from-anywhere policies to attract and retain the best talent. Enable secure collaboration with clients by providing access to CAD, BIM, and design files using any device with a browser.

Global Talent Accessibility.

Expand your pool of talented architects, designers, and engineers to anywhere in the world. Dizzion eliminates the hassle of device logistics, enabling rapid onboarding and immediate productivity from anywhere.

Optimized Resource Allocation.

Dizzion's flexible infrastructure lets you quickly and granularly adjust computing resources to meet the diverse and evolving needs of users all while balancing performance and sustainability.

Intellectual Property Protection.

Safeguard your intellectual property by keeping sensitive data off the endpoint devices entirely and ensuring access is only available from a secure and compliant digital workspace.

“Now that we have Frame up and running, we're able to start the planning process for onboarding just four days before the interns arrive.“

Jilbert El-Zmetr, SVP, Head of Technology & Engineering, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.