Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a virtual desktop solution that is a fully managed, outsourced alternative to in-house VDI. It allows organizations to take advantage of desktop virtualization without the hassle, time and expense of building, managing and maintaining VDI-capable infrastructure in house.

Like all VDI implementations, desktop as a service separates the desktop, data and applications from the endpoint, allowing end users to access their desktops from any internet-enabled device. Fully managed desktop as a service offerings can go as far as recommending and assisting internal teams with critical patching to prevent a data breach.

How does Desktop as a Service work?

High performance virtual desktop environments require specific infrastructure and management expertise that many organizations aren’t prepared to handle with current hardware and staff. With DaaS, the service provider is responsible for building and maintaining the required infrastructure for high-performance, high-availability virtual desktops. The provider is also responsible for updating and upgrading infrastructure and will often provide additional features such as antimalware, antivirus and data backup. Desktop as a Service is most commonly cloud based but can also be delivered via on premise data centers.

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Benefits of Desktop as a Service

  • Access to the desktop anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Simplified IT management of all desktops from a single pane of glass
  • Easier desktop, operating system and application patching and updating
  • Increased data protection (data is no longer stored on the endpoint)
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure built and supported by VDI experts
  • Easily scalable without the need for additional in-house infrastructure
  • OPEX model for predictable budgeting

Dizzion Desktop as a Service

Dizzion is a fully managed desktop as a service provider that offers industry-leading infrastructure, support and services. Dizzion offers cloud, on premise and hybrid DaaS solutions to fit the unique needs of its clients. PCI Compliant and HIPAA Compliant virtual desktop solutions are also available to make it easier for highly regulated industries to achieve and maintain compliance standards. Dizzion is one of the only desktop as a service providers that offers post-implementation support at no extra charge.

Dizzion supports persistent and concurrent virtual desktops and offers several computing packages to fit common use cases. A customizable package is also available to ensure your virtual desktops and Golden Images are always perfectly aligned with your unique use cases and needs. Dizzion also offers additional end user computing services – like cloud storage, application streaming and disaster recovery – to make your desktop as a service experience more robust and limit vendor sprawl.

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