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When it comes to desktops, how much do you want to manage? Dizzion provides more managed services in our DaaS Complete offering than any provider on the market. Our team is your team.

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“Of the entire process of starting to work with a BPO, provisioning our desktops was the most painless part. The ease of setup added a lot of value because I didn’t have to take time away from other tasks to focus on implementing Dizzion.”



DaaS - Cloud Desktops

Managed DaaS: Complete Cloud Desktop Solution

Dizzion Managed DaaS delivers an unrivaled desktop experience. The turnkey managed service allows you to stay focused on other critical initiatives while the industry’s top cloud desktop engineering and operations team ensures optimal desktop engagement regardless of where your end users conduct their business.

Dizzion offers two core managed desktop as a service solutions: DaaS Complete and DaaS Anywhere. Both options come with a comprehensive list of included, managed services that other providers charge extra for – if they can do them at all.

Interesting in combining Dizzion Managed DaaS with zLink secure end points or a desktop compliance support service? Dizzion offers premium add-ons for specific customer requirements.

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DaaS Complete: Turnkey Desktops on Dizzion Cloud

Managed DaaS - Concurrent Desktops
Concurrent, Persistent Desktops

Reduce costs while improving end-user experience with concurrent, persistent Dizzion cloud desktops – ideal for companies with multiple users of the same desktop. Think day shift, night shift.

Managed DaaS - Reporting and Analytics
Insights, Reporting, Monitoring

Talk about IP. Dizzion’s custom-built COSMOS portal provides real-time insights, in-depth reporting, end-user experience tracking, remote monitoring management, utilization stats and more.


Managed DaaS - Compliance
Desktop Compliance Tool Set

Do your end-users work with sensitive, regulated data? Get protected with comprehensive environment & desktop compliance toolsets (PCI-DSS, HIPAA & SOC2 Type II).

Managed DaaS - zlink endpoints
Secure zLink Endpoints

Choose between zLink, zLink+ and zLink BYOD to turn any device – new/old, company-issued or an end-user’s personal machine – into a secure, high-performance Dizzion desktop.

Managed DaaS - Antimalware
Enterprise Antimalware

Malware attacks are increasing every year with disastrous results. Protect your company, your IT assets and your end users with Enterprise Antimalware included in DaaS Complete.

Managed DaaS - Licensing
Software/Licensing Options

You have the monthly right to use Dizzion licensing for common use cases such as VMware Horizon 7, Microsoft Windows 10 & Microsoft Office365. Or bring your own. DaaS Complete flexibility.

Managed DaaS - Updates
Updates & Patch Management

The software that powers your end users is constantly being updated, upgraded and patched to improve capabilities and protect against malicious attacks. We have you covered.

Managed. DaaS - APM
Application Performance (APM)

Be proactive when it comes to end-user experience with real-time Application Performance Monitoring (APM) capabilities included in DaaS Complete. We are all about happy end users.

Managed DaaS - Support
Support & Help Desk Tools

Increase end-user satisfaction with better intel, faster response times and more effective troubleshooting with end-user support and help desk tools included in Dizzion DaaS Complete.

Outperform Commodity DaaS Environments

Dizzion Managed DaaS is designed to support the needs of growing businesses as well as large-scale cloud desktop deployments, providing a reliable, secure and high-performance end-user experience.

When your end users are away from the office, provide them with the same – or better – experience with resource intensive applications such as streaming voice and audio, contact center software, graphics-intensive applications, EMR/EHR, custom apps for banking and more.

Dizzion’s technical team has architected a high-performance end-user cloud platform, unrivaled in the industry. The result is what comes from listening to customers over a decade of implementations and continuously improving to ensure we are always ahead of the end-user requirements.

Managed DaaS - DaaS Complete, DaaS AnyWhere

DaaS Anywhere: Dizzion Desktops on Your Hardware or AnyCloud

Dizzion gives you the power to choose. With our strategic, go-to-market partners you can deliver Dizzion cloud desktops from your in-house infrastructure or from various public cloud providers – perfect for digital transformation or hybrid cloud/IT initiatives. We call it “AnyCloud”.

Want to spread end-user desktops across multiple infrastructure environments? Dizzion can do that too. Talk with the industry’s best DaaS engineering team and architect the solution that best suits your needs, now and into the future.

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