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Open a world of possibilities, data and insights with desktop virtualization

The working world is changing – change with it. People are working remotely, security and compliance are increasingly difficult, and desktop management takes too much time and resources. Virtual desktops help solve those challenges and give businesses a new level of data and insight.

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Productivity from Any Device, Anywhere

Dizzion cloud desktops are designed with performance, security, compliance and the modern workforce in mind. Employees can access their corporate desktops anywhere, anytime, from any internet-enabled device, while organizations maintain the security and control they need – regardless of employee location or endpoint. It’s a modern, elegant solution to a modern workforce challenge.

Moving desktops to the cloud also gives organizations access to an unprecedented level of business data and insights, covering everything from application usage to employee idleness. It’s time to level-up your desktops.

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Built for Performance

Our platform is designed to support the needs of large-scale virtual desktop deployments while providing a reliable, high-performance end user experience.

We didn’t just move desktops to the cloud, we redesigned them with enterprise-grade hardware, proprietary storage, VDI-optimized compute resources and a low latency network design – it’s the way virtual desktops should be. Now you can easily deploy cloud desktops without compromising user experience.

Dizzion Technology Overview

Dive into Dizzion’s technology to see what makes our platform special and how our end user computing solutions work together to give you the ultimate end user experience.

Dizzion Desktop Sizes

Dizzion customizes the virtual desktop deployment for each organization’s needs. This ensures a high quality experience across use cases and makes sure you’re not paying for more than you actually need.

Our most popular configurations are pre-packaged for your convenience as Dizzion Prime, Pro and Power. You’re not stuck with these configurations though. Each cloud delivered desktop can be configured for performance according to vCPU, memory and disk/IOPS just as you would design a laptop to meet specific performance requirements.

Combine as many packages as you need to create your ideal environment.



User type Prime
(High CPU)
vCPU 1 2 4 Custom
Memory 2 4 6 Custom
Avg.IOPS 100 125 150 Custom

Desktop Persistency

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Dizzion offers several forms of desktop persistency to meet a variety of use cases.

  • Persistent desktops – Support single users with unique login information. Persistent desktops are unique to the user, exactly like a traditional desktop experience. All applications, data and work remain in place (exactly as the user left them) on the desktop regardless of the endpoint device. This method is also known as “named” or “perpetual” desktops.
  • Non-persistent desktops – Support multiple users without unique user and session information maintained within the desktop. Once a user disconnects from the desktop, it is wiped and returned to the original state, creating a new, clean desktop for the next user. No user data or changes are ever saved within the desktop. This method is also known as “concurrent” desktops.
  • Non-persistent desktops with profile management – The ease-of-management benefits of non-persistent desktops combined with the benefits of personalized desktops. With this option, desktops are wiped clean after a disconnect, allowing IT teams to easily make updates to Golden Images. However, with profile management end users still get a unique, personalized desktop experience (with all their saved documents and customizations) every time they log in.

OS Options

Dizzion cloud desktops support Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Server 2008 R2, 2012 R2 and Server 2016 Desktop Experience (DEx) Operating System.

The Windows DEx operating system option allows our clients to select the best service delivery for their requirements. Windows DEx is a Windows Server running in a mode that makes it equivalent to a desktop operating system. By using server licensing, Dizzion can provide the desktop, patching and assurance just as an EA agreement can. Additionally, the requirement for VDA and CDA licensing goes away. Organizations can also provide their own licenses or utilize application streaming to deliver legacy applications to many users.

Supported endpoints include Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, MacOS, Linux, Apple iOS, Android OS, Chrome OS, thin/zero clients and Dizzion’s zLink devices.

Security & Controls

Dizzion’s cloud desktops are designed specifically to include security at every layer – from the endpoint to the data center and every point in between. Enterprise-grade security hardware and virtualization ensure customer environments are isolated and fully secure.

Within your environment, you have access to more than 100 security controls. This allows customers to set the level of security and control based on role, thereby authorizing or restricting systems, applications and data based on the type and/or class of user.

Dizzion’s compliant solutions consist of 12 unique technologies and processes to further harden our hyper-converged infrastructure.

Dizzion Cloud Desktop Benefits

Dizzion Business Insights

Business Insights

See how users interact with desktops and applications so you can make smart decisions based on real data, usage metrics and company trends.

secure virtual desktops

Enhance Security

Designed with multiple layers of enterprise-grade security. Achieve a high level of control over users, roles, devices and access with 100+ customizable security controls.

Fast, Simple Provisioning

Fast, Simple Provisioning

Rapidly deploy and manage desktops from a central location without touching each endpoint. Eliminate time spent patching and upgrading individual users.

non-persistent desktop

Boost Productivity

Employees can work anywhere, anytime and on any internet-enabled device. Reduced downtime and hardware issues mean better productivity.

Fully-Managed Service

Fully-Managed Service

Operating system, virtualization software, antimalware, backups, patching, updates and expert support are all included – no extra fees or post-contract costs.

Robust & Reliable

Robust & Reliable

Purpose-built for speed on infrastructure that delivers 99.99% availability. Seamless support for HD video and VOIP softphone integration for today’s user needs.

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“My favorite thing about Dizzion is that it just works. Our implementation was painless.”

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How Dizzion Solves Top DaaS & VDI Complaints

See how Dizzion directly addresses common complaints heard about services from competitors like Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

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