PCI Compliant Desktops

Achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance with Dizzion’s compliant desktops

Verizon’s 2015 PCI Report found that under 30% of organizations remained fully PCI compliant less than a year after a successful PCI validation. With Dizzion’s PCI compliant virtual desktops, organizations can achieve compliance more easily and leverage our compliance and expertise to simplify future audits.

Credit card background

Secure customer payment card data

Security and data breaches are a growing concern for customers and, as a result, a concern for organizations that accept, store, process or transmit credit card information. These organizations are required to comply with the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) by proving compliance and protecting customer credit card data from security breaches. The consequences of not being compliant can impact an organization financially in the form of steep fines and breaches have long-term impact to customer confidence and brand reputation.

The effort and expertise required to achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance can be costly – partnering with Dizzion can make it easier while securing your endpoint vulnerabilities. Dizzion’s PCI compliant desktops deliver the same performance and user experience, but do so within a PCI compliant environment using 12 unique technologies and controls to further harden our hyper-converged infrastructure.

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PCI Compliant Virtual Desktops

Dizzion’s compliant virtual desktops help provide the assurance that the security technology, processes and controls in place will keep information secure. Dizzion’s CTO Rob Green and VP of Product and Strategy Brady Ranum describe the compliant cloud services Dizzion offers in this 2 minute video.

Customer Case Study: Transcom

Transcom is now able to support home agents across the country and quickly add new agents as needed. The most significant change is that setup time has been drastically reduced and agents do not need expensive devices.

PCI Compliant Desktop Benefits

virtualizing BPO

Save Time & Money

Remove the cost and in-house expertise required to manage end user compliance and ongoing audits.


Get Compliant Faster

Our Report on Compliance (ROC) assists you in satisfying PCI DSS audit requirements and get compliant more quickly.

non-persistent desktop

Proven Compliance Expertise

Leverage Dizzion’s PCI compliance expertise to stay on top of the evolving compliance and security landscape.

remote agent

Extend Your Reach

Service more customers by meeting the security, compliance and performance requirements they are demanding.

managed endpoint solutions

Powerful, Seamless Solution

Twelve unique pieces of technology layered on to our hyper-converged infrastructure – no need for you to piece-meal a compliant solution yourself.

BPO solutions

High Performance

Purpose-built for speed on infrastructure that delivers 99.99% availability. Customizable deployment options along with HD video and VOIP softphone integration deliver a seamless user experience.


“The amount of time and energy that goes into obtaining and maintaining compliance independently is palpable. Dizzion’s PCI compliance certification not only eliminates their customers’ internal drain on resources, but also significantly simplifies the audit process for them by leveraging a PCI compliant service.”

– Kennet Westby, President

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Dizzion Services

cloud computing

Cloud Desktops

Let users access their desktops anytime, anywhere, from any device.

cloud delivered desktops

Secure Endpoints

Simple, affordable, compliant, secure endpoint options for any use case.


Compliant Desktops

Third party audited HIPAA and PCI compliant desktops for easier compliance.

Security & User Controls

Security & User Controls

100+ customizable security and control options based on use case.

virtual desktops

Application Streaming

Quickly deliver single apps to end users without an entire desktop.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

High performance storage in the cloud near your virtual desktops.

Technical Paper: Dizzion Technology Overview

This paper discusses the advantages of virtual desktops in general and details Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktops more specifically.


Understanding PCI Compliant Desktops

PCI compliance is extremely important. It’s also extremely specific, with well documented requirements. Learn what a PCI compliant solution should offer and how to avoid “PCI Lite” services that leave you responsible for most requirements.

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