Why Dizzion DaaS

We’re redefining the desktop experience through fully managed desktop as as service

Dizzion provides an end user computing experience that has evolved well beyond the delivery of traditional virtual desktops. We’re redefining the way the world works with our fully managed desktop as a service solutions and compliant virtual desktops.


What Makes Dizzion DaaS Different

Dizzion is making it easier than ever for companies to implement secure, accessible virtual desktops. Instead of resource intensive, difficult to manage in-house VDI initiatives, Dizzion allows businesses to outsource the building and management of their virtual desktop environment. Built on custom-designed hyper-converged infrastructure designed to support high performance, high availability virtual desktops, Dizzion goes a step further and backs our solution up with fully managed support that will help you design Golden Images and provide tech support post-implementation.

Dizzion is truly liberating the user from the device and enabling productivity anywhere, anytime. Dizzion’s cloud desktops will change the way your users work and streamline the way your IT resources manage desktops. A seamless, high-performing user experience, enterprise security and control come together to deliver robust end user computing that’s more than just DaaS.

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Customer Case Study: Transcom

Transcom is now able to support home agents across the country and quickly add new agents as needed. The most significant change is that setup time has been drastically reduced and agents do not need expensive devices.

Benefits of Choosing Dizzion DaaS

persistent desktop

Purpose-Built Infrastructure

Our underlying server hardware and storage platform were designed and built specifically to support the unique requirements of virtual desktops at large scale.

Security & Control

Security & Control

Achieve granular security and control with a layered approach addressing the user, endpoint, operating system, applications, and network.

remote agent

Focused on End User Computing

Leverage our virtual desktop expertise so you can focus IT resources on business transformation.

non-persistent desktop

Customization & Flexibility

Your business, your solution. Customer deployments are designed to meet your exacting requirements and use cases.

BPO solutions

Customer Experience Excellence

Delivering an excellent experience to IT organizations, business stakeholders and end users every time.

hosted virtual desktop

Achieve & Maintain Compliance

Our security, controls, and compliance expertise can help you get compliant more quickly and meet audit requirements more easily over time.


“The guiding principle of Dizzion is how do we solve business’ problems, and how do we deliver value to those businesses. We positively affect every customer every day”

– Steve Prather CEO Dizzion, Inc

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​Technical Paper:

Dizzion Technology Overview

This paper discusses the advantages of virtual desktops in general and details Dizzion’s cloud delivered desktops more specifically.

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