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· 6 min read
Stefan Gajic

Windows 10 IoT & Frame

Windows 10's kiosk mode, combined with Dizzon's Frame Platform, offers a streamlined and secure solution for organizations to deliver applications to students and frontline workers. Kiosk Mode restricts users to a single application such as Frame App or a native browser, minimizing distractions and potential security risks, and simplifying management. In this blog post, you will learn how to set up Windows 10 IoT in kiosk mode and explore the user experience of Frame running in kiosk mode.

Frame enables seamless access to virtual applications and desktops, allowing individuals to interact with their apps from any device via a browser. This convenience simplifies management for schools and ensures students have the necessary resources to complete their work. The setup fosters a focused learning environment by simplifying technology management and enhancing application accessibility. Running a modern browser or Frame App in kiosk mode enhances the user and admin experience. Combined with the flexibility to deliver all your Windows desktops and applications, this approach becomes highly valuable for many education customers.